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Jesus: "…the kingdom of God is within you."?

Luke 17
20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come,
he answered them and said, “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall
they say, ‘Lo here! or, lo there!’ for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
Is this not the most beautiful wisdom you’ve ever heard? This statement crosses all borders, all beliefs. This makes it clear that one doesn’t have to be any particular religion (namely Christian) to reach “heaven,” zen, enlightenment, whatever you want to call it – IT’S ALREADY WITHIN YOU – NATURE.
How does it make you feel?


  1. You wrote:
    This makes it clear that one doesn’t have to be any particular religion (namely Christian) to reach “heaven,” zen, enlightenment, whatever you want to call it – IT’S ALREADY WITHIN YOU – NATURE.
    And clear scripture disagrees with you:
    Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    Act 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

  2. Some say the kingdom of God was not set up on the earth until the day of Pentecost, and that John did not preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins; but I say, in the name of the Lord, that the kingdom of God was set up on the earth from the days of Adam to the present time. Whenever there has been a righteous man on earth unto whom God revealed his word and gave power and authority to administer in his name, and where there is a priest of God-a minister who has power and authority from God to administer in the ordinances of the gospel and officiate in the priesthood of God, there is the kingdom of God….
    One of the heresies which prevails in a large part of modern Christendom is the concept that Jesus did not organize a Church or set up a formal kingdom through which salvation might be offered to men. This poorly translated verse is one of those used to support the erroneous concept that the kingdom of God is wholly spiritual; that it is made up of those who confess Jesus with their lips, regardless of what church affiliation they may have; that the kingdom of God is within every person in the sense that all have the potential of attaining the highest spiritual goals; and that baptism, the laying on of hands, celestial marriage, and other ordinances and laws are not essential to the attainment of salvation.
    It is true that men have the inherent capacity to gain salvation in the celestial world; in a sense this power is within them; and so it might be said that the kingdom of God is within a person, if it is understood that such expression means that a person can gain that eternal world by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. But it is also true that Jesus did organize his Church and did give the keys of such kingdom to legal administrators on earth. (Matt. 16:13-19.)
    Even the marginal reading in the King James Version changes the language here involved to read, “The kingdom of God is in the midst of you,” meaning ‘The Church is now organized in the midst of your society.’ The Prophet’s rendering of Jesus’ thought, as such is recorded in the Inspired Version, is of course the best of all. Its essential meaning is: ‘The Church and kingdom has already been organized; it is here; it has come unto you; now enter the kingdom, obey its laws and be saved.’

  3. How does it make you feel when I tell you that all that you typed is based on a mistranslation? It should say, “The kingdom of God is among you.” And yes, the Greek can be translated as such.

  4. And in Siddha Yoga they teach “God dwells within you, as you.”
    So it would appear that Jesus was teaching the same thing.
    Look inside yourself, for that is where you connect to your higher self and that which is above all.

  5. You forgot one very important thing. Jesus Christ is the “ONLY” doorway into Heaven, which is within you waiting for you to give up your carnal mind and learn Christ in you the hope of Glory by His Spirit.

  6. Makes reality realize to trust oneself (GOD). And Know Thyself (GOD), First. When you realize that you can leave every self-definition behind and still you ARE, then you begin to see that these thoughts must not be what you are. In other words, who are you when your not THINKING yourself into existence?
    Who are you when you give up all THOUGHTS, even the ones that you are not supposed to question, such as, “I am a human being. I am a women or I am a man. I am sombody’s daughter or son.” You start to see that when you are not thinking yourself into existance, who you have taken yourself to be literally isn’t there anymore. If this “YOU” can disappear like that and reappear as soon as you THINK it into existence, how REAL are you?

  7. WHILE Jesus is still in the north (either in Samaria or in Galilee), Pharisees ask him about the arrival of the Kingdom. They believe that it will come with great pomp and ceremony, but Jesus says: “The kingdom of God is not coming with striking observableness, neither will people be saying, ‘See here!’ or, ‘There!’ For, look! the kingdom of God is in your midst.”
    Jesus’ words “in your midst” have at times been translated “within you.” So some have thought that Jesus meant that the Kingdom of God reigns in the hearts of God’s servants.
    But, obviously, the Kingdom of God is not within the hearts of these unbelieving Pharisees to whom Jesus is speaking. Yet, it is in their midst, since the designated King of God’s Kingdom,
    Jesus Christ, is right among them.
    It is probably after the Pharisees leave that Jesus talks further with his disciples about the coming of the Kingdom. He has particularly in mind his future presence in Kingdom power when he warns: “People will say to you, ‘See there!’ or, ‘See here!’ Do not go out or chase after [these false Messiahs]. For even as the lightning, by its flashing, shines from one part under heaven to another part under heaven, so the Son of man will be.” Hence, Jesus is indicating that just as lightning is seen over a wide area, the evidence of his presence in Kingdom power will be clearly visible to all wishing to observe it.

  8. The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.

  9. It is beautiful. It is a description of the new covenant, where God’s presence dwells in man. Prior to the new covenant, under the old covenant, God’s presence was only in the Holy of Holies, in the Temple, which was an earthly blueprint of a spiritual reality, heaven. Ironically, many Christians are still looking for Jesus to set up an earthly kingdom, and they gloss over these words, missing out on the beauty of God’s plan of redemption!

  10. What translation of the scripture are you using, and you probably need to check it back with the original Greek (I believe) that was spoken and recorded as well as with Christ’s usage of the word “entos” and the fact he was addressing the Pharisees (and who exactly these people were). . .
    I would direct anyone buying into this idea of the kingdom of God being in us to check out this intelligent article on the matter before you walk yourself down the path of crazy hoodoo thinking. . . http://www.voiceofjesus.org/kingdom_not_within.html


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