Home Discussion Forum Jesus saves me after I probe peoples rectums and erase their memories...?

Jesus saves me after I probe peoples rectums and erase their memories…?

I am a little green man from a planet far far away. I used to think I was a bad little green man for probing people rectums and erasing their memories. Now I realize that if I ask Jesus for forgiveness after each probing I will be forgiven by His sweet grace. I just wanted to share my spiritual awakening with all of you Christian Earthlings
No Uranus jokes!


  1. Congratulations, and would you consider doing my Lil Sweety next, cuz I just know that she’d really enjoy the probing, but please don’t erase her entire memory;) LOL

  2. That illegitimate child Jesus will forgive any jerk that pays him a little attention. Just goes to show what a farce religion is.

  3. If he saved you then i would be George Bush. It is amazing how people can abuse the privileges they are given just because they are trying to be funny.
    People in Indonesia won’t be sarcastic the way you are now and from no fault of theirs. Never take God for granted, He is long suffering and a loving father, but not a fool.

  4. Why do people make random statements and justify them with a question mark at the end? =)Obviously you’re without a brain and have no life, and also love picking fights. You are a fool. I sometimes question the age or IQ’s of individuals who ask stupid questions like you do. Enjoy your day =)


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