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Jesus Christ & Lao-tzu: Has anybody taken notice of the similarities between the two?

I find it interesting that not only are their similarities between the teachings of Jesus Christ and Lao-tzu (as most religions mirror each other to a certain extent) but that their lives are a bit similar.
What are your thoughts about this?
Also please read and answer the question below


  1. “THe Hero with a thousand faces” great book by Joseph Campbell/ if you havnt read it you should you would enjoy it.

  2. Yes, the Tao-te-ching says many things similar to what Jesus said —
    Although church folks today wouldn’t be too happy about the similarities; but their religion is nothing like the religion Jesus had anyway.

  3. So Lao-Tzu talked about the coming judgment of God against wickness? About the coming destruction of cities because of unbelief? About the separating of the sheep and goats, the wicked and the righteous, one to eternal bliss, the other to eternal suffering and misery???
    Friend, Jesus talked ALOT about these things!!
    god bless

  4. Well… no. Lao Tzu’s writings were not about religion… not about sin… not about salvation… not about dieties… not about ‘the law’… not about scripture… not about prophets. He wrote practical advice on how to look at the world/universe. Followers hundreds of years after his time took his writings and created ‘Taoism’… a pseudo-religion.


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