Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha both had spiritual water to offer people?

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by Irish Girl:

jesus offered this spiritual water to a samaritan woman ( a low cast woman) at a well and Buddha offered the same water to a rodee girl ( low cast girl) at the banks of the river jamuna
Dont you think that buddhism and christianity are 2 great philosophies which teaches that racism is evil ?

Answer by TruthBknown

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I do. Good observation neighbor.

Jeremy R

But with the water Jesus will give you, you will never go thirsty.

use your brain

they were both a prophet


They both teach that class warfare is wrong.


And so have John Steinbeck, Dylan Thomas and Edna St. Vincent Millay–what’s your point? Everyone with a working brain knows racism is crazy.
Thanks now to a slow news day, most of the world knows an idiot–Moustache Pete, the Swamp Pastor–who’s the poster child for bigots. And, of course, an American. Thanks news people!!!
When there’s no news, why not just run old episodes of Family Guy. We’d all be more enlightened.
Does anyone else miss the days of only three networks and news at 6:00 and 11:00.


Buddhism does but Christianity teaches the opposite.


Jesus was cool
Buddha was cool
Muhammad was cool
they were followed by questionable followers – who take it upon themselves to ‘protect the faith’ in really dumb negative & quite fascist ways(mostly Christians & then the Muslims more recently to be fair)

alan h

But there are few other similarities.


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