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Jesus and his Desert and Gautama and his Tree, are the parallels undeniable?

Was Jesus a Buddhist and Gautama a Christian?
-I know that’s a “silly” question, but purposefully so.
(like a Koan)
Do both stories teach us something about the importance of meditation and it’s relationship and the importance of spiritual enlightenment? Do both stories place highly the importance of nature (Desert for one, Tree for the other) and it’s role in each individual’s spiritual awakening?


  1. I think Jesus was a master HUMAN teacher. His words were taken out of context and bent into something literal. Look at his stories as energy and then you will figure it out!

  2. I think more generally it’s know thyself rather than meditation, though meditation is a way to that. And the Bo tree and the desert represent isolation to me from the world.

  3. It’s not a silly question. There are dozens of parallels like that when we look at the words of the founders of these religions.
    The only reason your question might be seen as offbeat, is that it is being viewed by people who say “Gospel of Jesus Christ,” but in fact are preaching the Gospel of Paul of Tarsus. If they went back to the Original Kingdom Gospel that Jesus actually preached, your question would be seen as right on the mark.
    This book is about the Original Kingdom Gospel… the real one.


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