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I've wanted to be a werewolf since early childhood. Is there any way I can do this without getting bitten?

I’ve always wanted to be a werewolf but think getting bitten would be too painful. I’ve tried voo-doo magic and sexual rituals but they don’t seem to be working. Any suggestions?


  1. Hey i’m a werewolf i am a black female i always growl at people and love dog’s i know what there thinking i am very strong and brave i love dog toys and also,when the full moon and new moon are out i feel so happy and strong also just want to howl super loud.I have been having tons of dreams too of wolfves and werewolves P.S. when you first transform it hurts very bad just letting you make sure your up to it.

  2. I want someone to bite me and turn me into a werewolf I need to get stronger to defend myself my body grows weaker everyday and I’m only 20 years old

  3. Hey my Name is Lucky from Sasolburg Free State (South Africa).
    I’ve been dying to b a werewolf, can you tell me what to do or which steps must I take to become one…
    pleas I really want/need to b a werewolf… Its just have always been my dream…
    pleas reply ASAP because I just can’t wait to hear your respond…

  4. I’ve been having trouble eating one a half a meal a day I’m dying its been three years like this I try to eat more but my stomach wont let me eat anymore if I was bitten by werewolf it would save me and I can pursue my destiny to find the werewolf in my dreams

  5. I can become a full werewolf I just need to be bitten one is already inside me he tries to get out to kill but cant my will much more stronger
    you if I have a wolf inside me already but yet cant get out because he is only a half I only need the other half so he would become calm but only can a bite from a full werewolf can do that for me

  6. I forgot to tell you if I die only my human half will my werewolf side will then take advantage of this and destroy everything in his path on a solar eclipse in the year 2033 I will become a destroyer of everything
    and that’s when I will never turn back to my kindness now you know why I need to be bitten by a full werewolf and if people they are none I’m hear to tell I’ve seen one up close pitch black with a scar on his right eye but for some reason he didn’t harm me instead he protected me from people who were throwing rocks at me for a second I thought he was going to kill me but then he cuddled with me and warmed me up so I wouldn’t die from freezing to death on the next morning I wanted to thank him for saving my life but he was gone but he left me something to eat but when I ate it my body was on fire my blood was boiling and soon the cold didn’t bother me

  7. yes I know becoming a werewolf has a price everything does but trust me when I say this there not as bad as most humans I mean cutting down trees for money I mean that’s our life support humans need to stop a think and try and see beauty in everything like I do I cant kill anything innocent and I mean anything cockroaches included but when they bother me while eating that’s when I get angry a smash them but only eating so if I do get bit by a werewolf nothing will change unless your souls core is dark mine is light though I cant do anything without thinking first even in anger its how I’ve always been I can feel the earths pain and everyone and every things pain by look at their soul I can see how sad everything is if someone tramples a beautiful flower I can feel its pain I want to protect everyone and everything in this world but I want to start with protecting my family and friends and with the power of the werewolf that can happen I’m also tire of being alone I want to belong somewhere humans always resented me because I see beauty in everything some people tried to make me see destruction in everything but they failed nothing can make me see destruction nothing not even the devil himself

  8. to the werewolves out the these words are for you I don’t care if you all attack me rip me to shreds I will protect all life including yours even if one pack tries to kill another pack I will protect the ones that have good in their hearts I would literally jump in front of the two packs to prove that you all shouldn’t be fight even for territory but if came to the part where one pack killed another packs kid mom dad wife or husband I would understand why you would want to kill them trust me but the problem is you would be causing more grief for yourself and the pack but if it does come to full on fight were they want kill the entire pack you should fight with all your might now if your the one who lost a member don’t kill the entire pack you should kill the ones who killed your member just remember their will always be a hole there and you will try either to hide it or even try to fill it up but the hole will always be there try to deny it or not it will always be there by the way if one pack would just turn I would be grateful I will protect all life but when I get hungry I will do it in moderation I wont kill all day to keep feeding I would kill pretty much a deer once a day It would last me till the next day one meal each day is all I need trust me my hunger tries to get the best of me now but I only eat dinner and stay in my room the rest of the day I stay in my room because nobody understands me

  9. Guys,werewolf don’t exist, it’s just only in the fantasy,legend,stories and etc. I’m not saying that I’m against to those people who believed on’s just that it is hard to believed that they exist we’re in the reality. Every spell to become werewolf, summon a werewolf I’ve done it still doesn’t work .and even if their is a werewolf?, they don’t give information to them for the sake of their pack and their life..because they care about themselves..unless if they want to exist and be experiment and hunt…But my point is most people believed on something that some percent of it or not’s up to you if your reading this I’m not against to those people believe cause even still today I’m hoping and trying that wish that they exist even vampires and still finding and using some spell or magic…what can i say “try and try until you succeed” im hoping that someday out their or out of no where they will gonna pop out..and i wil not gonna hesitate to tell them that i want become one of them…” If their is a werewolf in here can you make me become one of yours?” ; p bye

  10. Please, someone help me….
    I feel the need of eating meat ALL THE TIME, and sometimes I wake up next to a dead deer or rabbit, with my clothes all ripped up. Sometimes when I look into the mirror my teeth are way sharper than they are supposed to be, animal like you can say. Ever since my friend tricked me into drinking some rainwater from a footprint of a wolf, it’s been like this. I’m afraid one night, I’ll wake up beside my dead parents! My friend seemed to recall one night when I had a lot of hair on my back and my teeth were really sharp, he thought that was just fake hair I added on my back to trick him, but he was wrong. My friend always worries about me, but I should be worried about him. If I am a werewolf, it must be a curse, because I might hurt my family and friends. Whenever I get bullied my temper goes up and sometimes send a big scratch on their shirts. If I’m a werewolf I need a pack, so please someone invite me to their pack, and teach me how to use my powers properly and to control.

  11. Tbh I used to be so desperate to believe that something like a spell might actually work but somehow I knew a spell wouldn’t help with my dream of becoming a shape shifter. If I was going to become supernatural it was to come from within I had to believe that I alrey was what I wished to be. Then I started to have these recurring dreams and it didn’t feel like a dream it was as if I was actually running and the running was so real it felt like I was flying. In my dream I was running away from something or someone and then when I was close to escaping I was pulled back. Like my dream the possibility of becoming a shape shifter will be so close but yet so far because I’m being pulled back, held down and if I stop believing I will continue to be held down possibly by non believers,haters, maybe even my own possible pack but until I transform I will not discontinue trying to figure out these realistic dreams.

  12. Hi. I’m not a werewolf but I”ve always wanted to become one. Spiritually I am connected to the wolf for he’s my spirit animal. I met someone last year and we became friends, he told me he was a werewolf but he never wanted to shift infront of me. He also wouldn’t bite me because he said his alpha doesn’t allow it. I”ve gotten signs from everywhere that some wolf will enter my life Or that ill be bitten soon. One of the weirdest signs were when my baby niece who is 3 said that I would go to the wolf. She doesn’t even know what a wolf is so that pretty much shocked me. I really want to do whatever I can to become a werewolf. Somehow I feel its my destiny. if there are any werewolf packs in south Africa. Pta or plk I would like to get bitten and join the pack.

  13. You might not believe but believe me it’s true ..Im completely alone, it’s a long process , one of my friend died during the process , I need a help,every day I had fear in my mind , I don’t want to harm people but it’s very difficult to control, I had a fear while going to school deep in my mind , it’s very difficult I want to be human back again , but what is done is done , I need a help ?

  14. Can someone tell me how to become a werewolf I live near bath,england if the only way is to be bitten them do it any werewolf out there reply

  15. My friends are half drac and half alpha and also half werewolf.i am the leader of the werewolf pack u wanna join my about me:I am a girl werewolf that is also half alpha and drac and I only attack when annoyed,made angry or someone attacks me or if they bite me.i am friendly I will also be very happy if u join the pack.we are all friendly but…we do some hard stuff if u want I could teach u new stuff.I forgot to say I can turn you into mixed spesies and I can also turn into a bat. sorry for this long message.thx for
    reading this all.:)

  16. Please I really want to become a wolf. I have always felt like there was something missing in my life and I feel like that is what’s missing. Please

  17. Guys I am a were wolf once I ran into the woods at night and I am lucky to remember because next morning my k9 teeth were sharp and I had hair on my back and I found blood on Mt
    My teeth my parents Don t know but when iam around my brother I feel like killing him especially in the night it is not fun you don’t want to be a were wolf

  18. Hey im 24 years old and ive been waiting for 3 years to get bitten. Ive tried every spell and even tried sumoning a demon from the key of solomon. Nothing. I either need a werewolf to bite me or a witch to give me an enchanted wolf belt or something like that. Please help i beg of you!!

  19. You guys you don’t know how much I want to become a werewolf my parents say I’m messing with the devil but I don’t care I WILL DO ANYTHING!!!!! U don’t know how much I want to be one!!

  20. Hi I’m Jacob i wish I was a ware wolf i no every consaqwins I’m 14 and I will do iny thing to be a ware wolf I will even kill I need your help tern me and I will be in your death.

    • You can barely spell. I do not think you want to be a werewolf. It sucks. You’re always anxious and angry. You’ll always want blood, taking drastic measures to get it. Believe me, Teen Wolf is just a show that messes up the minds of everyone who watches it, making them take drastic measures to become one.

  21. Grey has an excellent point most packs will slaughter you if you hound them about the gift , and also most of you are merely children just like with leaches ie vampyres there are laws we obey that are higher then the laws of men and have much much worse repercussions then only being locked in a cage!i wont go into details just know that it is nothing like twilight yes pack society is extremely tight nit and if any of you actually ment. That you really wanted this youd wait till you all where adults . To ask anyone who is kinain ,loupine,or whatever is a major insult ,you need to actually live first then once personally 25 to 40 then decide . Till then knock it off and actually live your life , just know yes we are real yes we are everywhere and we are watching all of you!

    • my decission is done. my life is a mess and i need some thing to free me from this, twilight or teen wolf (my life) they talk about wolves and its not only gd that comes with remember full moon, anger, and the most important thing SECRET you need to keep the secret!!!! i made my decission and no one not even you can tell me what to do you cant take that away from me……

    • Lmao really? Sure your real just like twilight or underworld lmao I’m 18 and I sure as hell know ur probably an emo kid trying to act like one unless u want to prove otherwise lmaoo

    • Lmao really? Sure your real just like twilight or underworld lmao I’m 18 and I sure as hell know ur probably an emo kid trying to act like one unless u want to prove otherwise lmaoo

    • Im 23 HELP ME! I think im ready……reply if you’ll help me i lived my life to the fullest so tell me does it hurt do u turn into a real were-wolf?

    • I just discovered i am a witch, having problems controlling my powers,but i saw your comment shadow watching guy you were not wrong,they are really too young to be werewolves ain’t u guys afraid of loosing ur lives? being a werewolf is pretty scary,don’t u remember the challenges Scott faced because of his powers?get a little older, and learn some fighting skills maybe then u will be one is trying to deprive u of ur wishes or dreams,just be little patient buy for now

    • 25 years old here and if you are real I have been wanting to become a werewolf since I was a child. I have never turned away from want to become a werewolf and display loyalty to all those close to me. However, I’ve longed to become apart of a pack, like something clawing at the back of my mind.
      If what you say is true and you are/ know a pack that would be willing to speak/ entertain the idea of a “Try-out” per say – please let me know. I have much to offer and a fit athlete with much to offer.

  22. I am 16 years old and I have a bet with me teacher. I need to prove to him that werewolves exist. Is there a spell I could do to turn into one.

  23. If anyone is a werewolf come and help me to become a werewolf. I have been waiting for 10 years well because I’m will be 16 years old in 2 moths please come and turn me into a werewolf

      • How do we become a werewolf without a werewolf and please give me the simplest way to be a werewolf…i need it because i just watch teen wolf and i was so amaze and i want to show it to my friends so they dont mess with me

        • Look… you’re missing the point of everything.. you need to realise that becoming a werewolf is easy but maintaining it is hard. Sometimes (even not on a full-moon), you can have sudden noticeable changes (not completely turning) like social anxiety and the fear of having a reputation that will have people looking down on you. All that stuff about being bitten is fiction.. the real-life scenario is different and its NOTHING LIKE TEEN WOLF.. and it’s nearly impossible to maintain your rage on a full-moon. (It takes time to learn and grow into that life and yes you do get abilities like strength, speed, reflex and thats good.. but most of the time, you are using it against an enemy that can kill you like Vampires, Hunters or Lyelicma’s (Reptilian form of a human).. and if you do not have a pack, trust me its hard to survive and keep others safe. It took me years to find an alpha wolf to recruit me in but I still spent years fighting it. Trust me when I say that you do not want to become one. But if you really don’t care about that, than the way to become a Werewolf is to:
          1. Wait until the night of a full-moon.
          2. Remove any distractions.
          3. Look at the moon and speak the words.
          4. “Thy me you’ve chosen as a person, for I am willing to remove the threats and shift on the night of now, I wish to become a beast therefor become a wolf, shine the beams and turn thy blood from red to black… Human to Wolf (Repeat that x10)
          5. After you’ve spoke those words, go to a mirror and focus on not being or looking like a werewolf, only focus on what you look like as yourself (Arms, nose, face, eyes.. picture yourself in your head)
          6. When you open your eyes, thinking about your look-a-likes.. you will expect quite the shock because your will have shifted into a werewolf.
          Good luck, you will need it.

        • Teen Wolf is a FAKE show, that seems to mess up everyone who watches it. You think you want to be a werewolf?! Believe me, you don’t. There’s the anxiety, anger, blood list, and sure, you get strong and insane senses, but it’s not worth it.

      • How did you become one cuz i think werewolfs are true but the lack of findings are vary low i guess i can only be one in my dreams

  24. Are you guys this serious lmao there’s no such thing as werewolves “bite me bite me pls” lmao most of u are under 16 like grow up its a fantasy unless someone wants to prove it? Lol message me but I doubt it.

      • Hello I’m 12 and I will do anything to become a werewolf,even if it means to kill i will do it and I will keep everything a secret from everybody I know so please even if it means being bit or scratched so please here is my address 3807 Middlebrook Pike big oak apartments apartment 504

        • I’m not new to this and I’m gonna go with Kyle h cuz if it is possible then the speed of which you are running no matter how much I wish it was true there is no way humanly possible to become a werewolf cuz if it was that would mean through history we would have been lied to by George bush and everyone that was from 1816 or 1910 people that call themselves Lycanthropes is lying cuz there in a insane asylum and have you or anybody heard on the news or anywhere that they somehow transformed and killed everything and everyone in there way cuz if you have I’d like to know what you have had and no matter how much I wish it were true we all have to face reality cuz it isn’t true and if was it’s a curse from satan it would mean to be condemned to hell for eternity and that’s not something I ever want to do.

  25. I would love to become a werewolf without being bitten. I have a friend who would also like to become one too. Is there anyone who can help? Email me please!

    • I will not speak of my name nor location. I am a lycanthrope, or werewolf if you prefer the term. I don’t know of any more werewolves near my location, but you do NOT want to get bitten, do you understand? The process of becoming a wolf is excruciatingly painful and it’s not worth it in any way. You will urge to kill on a full moon, and if you are not properly tied in silver chains, you will kill animals and or people. Being a werewolf is none of that Twilight werewolf crap. Face reality. I was scratched on my shin by what I thought was a large dog on a camping trip. Barely making it out of that experience alive, having to deal with lycanthrope is worse than being scratched or bitten by one themselves! While there are good points, such as awe-striking strength and agility/speed at nights not on a full moon, killing is not what I like. Keep steak/other meats near you during a full moon to ease the urge.

      • How is it like? Being a werewolf. Being able to have amazing senses, speed, and strength? Do you like being able to turn into a wolf? Like I have many questions because just like the other person I’ve always dreamed of becoming a wolf/werewolf I feel like I’m supposed to become one, like in a way it’s my destiny if that makes any sense. But I doubt it will ever happen. I’ve waited so many years. I just know that I’m a wolf, that I’m supposed to be one. So yeah

        • But I also believe that when the time comes I will turn into a wolf. Like you’ve ever had that feeling that something isn’t right? Well, that’s what I feel. It’s always been so hard for me to control my temper. Like last night, full moon and I felt so energized. Like I could run a marathon forever. I don’t know maybe I am one and just don’t know it yet

      • please I need help I know I was ment to be a werewolf its inside me I just don’t know how to transform or to tell if I am a werewolf

      • I want to be bitten no matter the cost, no matter the pain & I am willing to do anything to become a creature of the night

      • Ever since i was 3 i always wanted to be a werewolf please please i want this so bad i will take being bitten or scratched or cursed please i just want to turn

  26. I am a elf. No I am not a Christmas elf. But I have multiple powers and if you wanna be a werewolf make your sprit come to me and I gladly will. My Freind is a werewolf and the moon is driving her crazy. Be careful what you wish for

  27. Most of the comments here are written in deplorable English. How do you expect anyone to understand you if you can’t even string a sentence together.

    • Hello, are you a lycan or a 4 legged werewolf that is a bit bigger than a wolf? If you want my number email be at or

  28. I wanted to be a werewolf once. but it’s a great risk . you realize what you are asking ?. I believe in werewolves because a have seen one look through the window at me on a full moon . But I was to scared to ask . ask yourself are you willing to take a risk in hurting your family friend’s ?. If not then forget about it . if so then pls realise the risk you will be taking .


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