I've found the best site for you to learn about the Tao te chinh ( dao de jinh )( lao tzu) here come get it?

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he has soo many names true lolz
1- understand who he is =
2- His teaching here =
well thanks sharing is good show wat you have to others
Laozi is regarded as the author of the Dao De Jing, though it has been debated throughout history whether he authored it.
In legends, he was conceived when his mother gazed upon a falling star. It is said that he stayed in the womb and matured for sixty-two years. He was born when his mother leaned against a plum tree. He emerged a grown man with a full grey beard and long earlobes, which are a sign of wisdom and long life.

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Here’s the one I use:

angel baby

I want mealtime for my dog just kidding.There’s a country name laos but they soud lao they were migrated from china I wonder if they could it be relate to lao tzu because of the name and where they came from.


i ever searched about laozhi background and brought up….in fact stated UNKNOWN….the very last time people see him is that he sit on the cow and out of the city gate….from that day onwards, nobody see him again…but what he left behind is the wisdom and knowledge he teach……his thinking slightly different from ru xue…..no fix formula….from small tiny object, he can see how big it can be……..he never emphasis dao jia shi xiang, in fact this is come from kong zi!!! so laozhi ever lecture kongzi too restricted in thinking…and his future will be restricted by his own rules too…in fact he is right…..kong zi never win any kings heart but able to sense the danger and out of danger faster than other ru jia experts…that’s why he easily out of danger…….but live in depression!!!! among his students, the smartest call yanhui entirely live in poverty….you know why? kongzi wrong thinking make his student die in depression too…..there is one smart student, thinking very flexible call zigong….he respect kongzi, but he still did his own way, his entire life full of glory and famous!!!


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