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I've began to meditate and practicing to read auras?

I’ve started to read auras, and it comes very easy to me.
Doesn’t take much effort at all. But all of the auras juust seem to be white..and than they get a little yellow. They look like a glowing energy. How can I start to see colors?
Also I’ve been able to see my own aura, i’ve laid in bed, with my arm up in the air. My aura was a dark blue and than it changed to this wonderful rainbow color. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.
What does a rainbow colored aura mean?
Thank you!
p.s any books on new age spirituality you would recommend?


  1. most auras are white or colourless perhaps until anger or unhappiness comes along then they are grey or black but as you say very easy to see if one just allows oneself to see

  2. Seriously, if you are actually seeing auras and not pretending to for other reasons, it can be a diagnostic symptom of schizophrenia onset. They have observed this in painters who started painting auras before being institutionalized. I would consult with a neurosurgeon as soon as possible. Google schizophrenia and auras to read about the connection

  3. You are so good at reading auras, what do they say? Are they written from left to right like normal English prose? Is there a combination of comedy, drama, biographies, cartoons? Is the writing in colour or is it always like black ink? Why not share some of the things you read when you actually read auras? I’d be very interested, unless the spelling and grammar is so terrible that it’s not worth my time. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Gabby
    Do not try to see the Aura with the physical eye, instead close your eyes & allow your psychic self to see, you will get better results.
    You will start to see colours as your psychic muscle is flexed more & you let go of expectations.

  5. You are seeing what they call monochrome auras. People have many layers of auras depending on the background in which they are standing which can confuse the aura.
    The rainbow your seeing is your astral aura. It has a multi color sheen or ribbons. You have more than one thing presenting auras…your state of mind and your state of spirt. Your spirit is your astral. The astral (spirit) is the aura left behind when the body dies…it is by far more powerful than your physical aura. To get more indepth, look up astral aura on the internet.
    And to the person who says this is a precursor to schizophrenia….every child is born with the ability to see auras. Ever wonder why babies are drawn to certain people and repelled by others? It’s the aura. So based on this, every child is schizo. Not so. In fact, the ability to see auras is simply the left and right hemispheres of your brain communicating. It is a learned power that anyone can get because we naturally did this on our own…until someone handed us a pen or fork and asked up to be right handed or left disengaging the other side of the brain therefore teaching children to forget this ability. It doesn’t mean you will be mental. And the term schizo. is generally used when mental science has no other way of understanding it….but everything has an aura…live, dead or inert objects such as rocks. We are all forms of energy. But only living animals/people have astral auras. This is rooted for spirituality.


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