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I've been trying to see auras?

Today I was trying to see my aura and I swear I saw streams of dark red and dark blue flashing between my fingers; am I imagining things, and if I’m not what does that mean.
What do you think is the best way to see your and other people’s auras


  1. There are several ways to see an aura. One, is tramatic brain injury, which can cause your visual perception to skew. So hitting yourself in the head with a hammer might work, although I do not recommend trying that. Squinting really hard can cause pressure to your papilla at the base of the optic nerve and can cause you to see colors. Most auras are reportedly pink, blue, green or gold, sometimes with swirly patterns. The dark red and dark blue flashing between your fingers was not an aura, but an evil spirit leaving you. When you were squinting, it thought you were mad and ran away. Yes I am pulling your leg.

  2. Were you in a well-lit room? Usually the best way to see your aura, or someone else’s aura, is to look in the mirror with a white, or light colored wall behind you. Then focus and you’ll start to see some of the aura field if you really concentrate.

  3. I try to see my own aura as well. I usually get shades of pale blues or light purples– you should look up color significance and find out what dark red and dark blue means. And no, you are not imagining things, if you really were trying to see your aura.
    I think the best way to see your own and other people’s auras is to first meditate and open your ‘mind’s eye’/third eye. Whenever I attempt to see an aura, I close my eyes and envision this multicolored eye in my mind that slowly opens as I will it too. Then I get this slight tingling feeling in the middle of my forehead (weird) and when I open my physical eyes, I get a quick glimpse of my aura at that moment. It takes a long time to see other people’s auras because I need to concentrate.

  4. Well, I don’t see auras or my own. But I wish I could have someone try to see for me! I never met someone who could!
    If there is such a gift, I only think certain people can see them, and you can’t train yourself. You either see them or you don’t.

  5. Ok to start of with we have 7 different auras and the problem is that depending upon the type of aura that you are seeing you will see different colours.
    The easiest way to see auras is to focus beyond the person you are looking in effect look through them.
    The aura closest to the body is the physical aura this is associated with the colour red and the stronger the colour the more physical the person is, also if you see the colour grey associated with this aura you can see health issues.
    The next aura out is the mental aura obviously this is assoiciated with the level of mental thought that goes into actions. the colour yellow is associated with this aura.
    The third aura out is the emotional aura this aura is the one that changes the most and fuctuates in color quite a lot so I would suggest that this is the aura you saw as dark blue in the emotional aura show some link to your higher self.


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