Home Discussion Forum ive been trying to astral travel and i cant?

ive been trying to astral travel and i cant?

does anyone know something that actually works?


  1. Astral travel?
    Good frickin’ luck.
    Closest thing you’ll get is a hallucination.
    Go to youtube and search for “driving on salvia”. I’m pretty sure that guy travelled astrally.

  2. Be careful… Some people have been known to get out there, meet up with malevolent spirits and have a hard time making it back.

  3. Stop trying. It doesn’t work and may open you up to the occult. Your wanting an experience and you may get a demon that will take you on it’s kind of trip.

  4. My brother has been obsessed with Astral Projection for 5 years. He doesn’t work… he just lives off my parents and tries all these meditative ways to Astral Project… it’s his LIFE. And he’s not successful at it.
    He tries a lot of things to prepare his body for Astral Travel.. including fasting without food and water… it’s quite dangerous to fast without any water.. and honestly, I think he has more of a chance of killing himself than he does of successfully Astral Projecting.
    Basically, I think it is a huge waste of time.

  5. i used to be into all that stuff now i follow the path of laveyan satanism. I read a spell and then was tired and i dreamt of floating on top of my house and then i fell back to my body and literally woke up

  6. It’s unusual to succeed after just a couple of tries – using a lucid dream induction method I originally got out after a few weeks (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dreaming ). It helps to saturate your subconscious with the idea by reading about it – some interesting authors to consider are Robert Monroe, Robert Bruce, Robert Peterson, William Buhlmann and Sylvan Muldoon. There’s a method outlined here that worked pretty well for me:

  7. Wow, people can be really rude.
    Yes, I do but it is too much to post here.
    If you really want to learn there is a great site where you can get all the info you need and actually post questions on forums where you can get answers from those that have been projecting for a long time.
    This is where I learned to project. http://www.gnosticweb.com
    Email me if you have any other questions or if you want some suggestions.
    Good luck.


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