Home Discussion Forum ive been trying to astral project for awhile, still cant do it?

ive been trying to astral project for awhile, still cant do it?

help? has anyone of u done it?


  1. Suppossedly, astral projection is extremely difficult to learn. As with anything that you have trouble learning, you must try to learn patience before you are successful in astral projection.

  2. Astral Projection is incredibly difficult and takes a lot of patience and a whole lot of practice to get it. Keep trying.
    I’ve not been able to do it and was told that some people just can’t.

  3. Astral Projection, when you are first beginning to mess with it, is extremely difficult, and almost impossible to do on command. Most people usually find themselves first Astral Projecting when they are asleep, because this is the type of state required, to Astral Project.
    Learning to Astral Project takes time and patience, and also a reliable source of how to even do it. Many books I’ve personally found seem to be inaccurate at best, and I’ve taken to talking to people in the supernatural communities, in order to discover how to Astral Project.
    For most people whats required is meditation, or a relaxed state similar to your dream state. Different people have different methods of reaching this state, so it depends on what works best for you, which is what can take the longest. Once you are able to reach this state with ease, you have to envision where it is you wish to go, or what it is you want to see.
    Its not something you can turn off and on at will, until you’ve had a lot of successful practice, so my best advice is to find what works for you, stick to it, practice, and take care. The Astral Planes aren’t always the safest places to go.

  4. A common misunderstanding concerning astral projection occurs when people confuse the two different kinds, which will be explained shortly.
    The involuntary, or subconscious, kind occurs, as suggested, involuntarily. Usually, a person who is ‘daydreaming’ or acting ‘spaced out’ is actually astral projecting themselves where their ‘imagination’ is playing out. The involuntary kind also occurs during times of stress and turmoil, especially if the person is close to us, since we will inevitably ‘project’ ourselves near them in order to give them comfort and feel closeness during their time of trouble. Sleeping is also a way to ‘involuntarily’ project, since the conscious mind is relaxed enough to let the subconscious come out and project, if it needs to be.
    What you are doing is attempting voluntary or conscious astral projection, which might be difficult to do since to be able to voluntarily project oneself one must be in a state of calmness (when starting out) since any fear or threat will cause the astral body to immediately return. Becoming ‘conscious’ of being outside of one’s body, especially the first couple of times, usually shocks the person, creating a sense of panic and danger, which in turn immediately recalls the astral body, making the person feel as if they were somehow ‘falling’ awake, which in a sense they were. In fact, a way to tell if one has had an astral projection while dreaming would be to compare that sensation to any dreams one has had. If one had a ‘dream’ they were walking in a field of flowers and then suddenly they were falling and came awake, its a good bet the person wasn’t dreaming but astral projecting.
    All that being said, the first step to astral projecting is actually akin to yoga: sitting comfortably, concentrating on one’s breathing and attempting to relax one’s body. During this preparation stage, its very possible one will involuntarily astral project numerous times, and be immediately recalled each time, which means that the person is getting close to their goal. When the ‘recalls’ become less intense, then one begins to ‘direct’ where they want to project, usually overhead or in some corner of the room they are in. When one is able to consciously project themselves firmly, and without panic recall, within that room (which may take months or years, depending on the person) then one can begin to explore further, going into other rooms and then even outside of one’s house. Think of astral projecting like running a marathon: you start off running just a couple of miles a day and work up your endurance to going longer and farther. One can even get to the point of being able to project themselves while doing other activities (being at work, for example) since not every situation is going to allow for you to sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing.
    Failure only means you haven’t reached your goal yet. Keep trying and it will happen. Good luck.


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