Home Discussion Forum I've been told my 6th chakra is very good...what does that mean?

I've been told my 6th chakra is very good…what does that mean?

i went to a physic and she said that i will eventually open my chakras but i’m not quite ready yet but then she said eventho none of them are open, i have a very good third eye as of now. what does having a good 6th chakras mean spiritually?


  1. “Ajna” is the Sanskrit word for the 6th chakra. It means “beyond wisdom.” It has also been translated to mean “the perception center.”
    The 6th chakra is located between, and just above, the eyes. It is often referred to as the “third eye.” This chakra deals with visualization, intuition, imagination and telepathy.
    Organ/parts of body associated with the 6th chakra:
    * Pituitary gland, eyes, head, lower brain
    The emotion for the 6th chakra is “knowing”, an intuitive type of knowing. When this chakra is dominant, one may have clairvoyant abilities…being able to see things that others can’t.
    The color is purple/violet, both spiritual colors.
    When the energy in the 6th chakra is excessive, it can cause headaches, hallucinations, nightmares and difficulty in concentrating.
    But when the energy is deficient, there may be eye problems, poor memory, inability to visualize.
    Yoga poses for the 6th chakra are supported forward bends and also eye exercises. Doing positive visualizations can also strengthen this chakra.

  2. The 6th chakra is energy that a person has when they think clearly and see clearly. Also it means you are very intuitive and that you have no fear in knowing the truth, it also means you are Intelligent.

  3. The 6th Chakra is the Sacral each Chakra there are in the human body 7 major Chakras each major chakra has 4 energy vortices associated with it each chakra has certain organs with which it is associated the sacral Chakra has the reproductive organs that are receivers their components of energy. there are also many minor Chakras in each Major. Having a good CHakra means there are no blockages the energy is flowing freely…there are some good books on Chakras if ur interested…

  4. my advice is find another psychic because chakras are already open, you can clear them, the third eye chakra is dealing with vision and seeing things that others cannot. meditating will increase your chakras. but as for opening them up they are already open if they weren’t you would be dead

  5. The physic is a fake, they all say that. (S)he is not giving a direct reading, but a vague reading could mean anything and you can tell anyone that(what you just posted). Did you ask her/him more questions, did you try to make your answers more direct?(If they answer IDK or some type of unsureness, they are being realistic. Ff they give you answer for every question, they are fake)


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