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I've been told I need psychic protection?

More times than once I’ve been told I soak up other peoples energies and I need to read up on psychic protection. I’m not intuitive or psychic in that I need to shield myself in that sense I’m just very sensitive, I guess.
I’ve read up on bubbles and white lights and it seems too much work as I am not in that much need of help. Are there any easier ways to do this?
Mar C….interesting you mentioned water. I don’t have a problem with leaky pipes but I just got several psychic readings done and they all told me I had water coming out of EVERYWHERE! lol. That’s interesting….


  1. Practice extension of the conscious. Basically, focusing your conscious to be projected a tiny bit beyond your epidermis. Then practice being conscious of your body as a whole. These techniques will help.

  2. um if your soaking up peoples energy you should try meditating to control that. and also, if you notice someone becoming tired when they speak to you back off for a sec.

  3. are you Christian cause if you are maybe you are a prophet which is waaaaay better than being a phycic! Phycics are really witches. The demons work throgh them to pposess you which is really bad. Ask God how you can use this gift in a good way his way let God use you as his tool. Truthfully I thought I was pgycic too but I found much much greater use in being a prophet I didn’t wake up to demonized dreams screaming and such.

  4. I have the same “gift”. I call it a gift now, but have not always felt that way about it. I soak up other people’s stuff & feel their pain as if it were my own. This can be very draining & unhealthy.
    The first thing that I think helped me was to be conscious of where I am & what’s going on. For instance if I know I’m going to Wal-Mart then I first make the conscious effort to go in with calmness & patience just thinking of a pink shield of love around me.
    Even if someone runs into me with their basket or is just rude, blow it off. There are a lot of different types of energies all in a small space at a place like Wal-Mart & this is the place that I hated to go to because of my sensitivity.
    Learn about boundaries & how to choose what you will & won’t allow in your space.
    It is all about energy, so if you can learn about energy & maybe about chakras & clearing your space that may help too.
    If you are sensitive, you are probably more in tune or intutive then you think.
    I also had some underlying rage issues that went unaddressed for a long time. (Even tho I constantly worked on self help stuff).
    I know this question may seem very wierd, but do you have a lot of issues with water, not being scared of it, but like leaky faucets, running toilet water, leaky pipes , washing machine issues?
    If not, keep in mind for future. Water represents emotion. I have had many leaky water outlets. It is usually something I need to pay attention to.
    Hope this helps.


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