I've been hearing alot about a Spiritual Awakening that is going to happen in 2012 and Beyond?

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Anyone else believe this and why? And what exactly is a spiritual awakening to you?
I agree with you, Lisa…We r definitely in need of one! I’m just not understanding with this actually means…will we be able to see something within ourselves that we’ve never seen before….I’ve heard of “the third eye”…been reading alot, that’s all =-) Even some music artists are putting messages out about 2012 in their videos…it’s a year that is suppose to bring new beginnings…but I think with all of the media hype it could cause alot of drama and panic!

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No. Why? Because it just won’t. Trust us.


I have no reason to believe any of that will happen. It could, but there’s no evidence or reason to think so.

Vlad III the Impaler

now it’s ‘ The Awakening ‘??
wasn’t 2000, the end of oil … of????


The spiritual awakening has nothing to do with christianity. It is anti monotheistic, and has more to do with real spirituality and not the crap that the bible thumpers pander to others.
Spiritual Awakening is when people realize that monotheism is a lie, and they can find spirituality within themselves.
The great awakening of three centuries ago was NOT spiritual, but more of a religious movement where christians stole more ideas from other beliefs.

Staying Neutral

It is not only spiritual, but scientific. For confirmation go to NASA solar storm in search. You can get further info at NASA science.


I thought the nutters were predicting that the world would end in 2012. What’s this “2012 and beyond” crap about? You should decide if the world will end or if you’re sane.

troy j

Spiritual awakening will only come to those that take a leap of faith and Believe in God’s Word. There is no set date for this to happen. The Lord says TODAY is the of salvation, so for you spiritual awakening can take place this minute as you except Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your Life.


The more you believe in pop fantasy, the less likely you will be to having any sort of awakening. Perhaps you will actually be more likely to have awakenings if your mind had nowhere else to go but up.
I could show you what a spiritual awakening is if you don’t mind sleeping with strangers. By the looks of your avatar, it might be a pretty amazing experience for me too.


I have no doubt there is going to be a spiritual awakening for mankind because we are in dire need of it. A spiritual awakening is when more people will realize that there is a true God and turn to him, the already Christians will become more spiritual.

Lisa M

To be honest, the way things are going, we MUST have a collective spiritual awakening very soon, or we’re going to end up destroying ourselves.

Sun Is Shining ❂

New Age Scam.


Something around that time is going to happen (asteroid scare, nuclear scare, truth about extra terrestrials) that is going to bring us together as humans. It won’t matter if we are black, white, hipanic, muslim, or christian. We will come together as one race-the human race- and realize that war, racism, hatred, and prejudice got us into the mess we are in and some great leader is going to bring us all together to live in harmony. At least I hope…….


The Mayans have made a calendar which state the end of the world so people have been studying up if such would happen, “better be prepared for the end” is what goes through most people’s minds. Monks have astral projected through meditation for enlightment and discovery, saints have done the same but to communicate with their God.
What you can do is to learn what they do if you’re worried of the upcoming events in this lifetime.
I’ve posted a couple of links, first is the site itself which contain articles that seem to help quite a bit of people regardless of knowledge in this field, I’ve been referred here and have had a pretty good run so far, it seems that some people get a hold of this in just a matter of days (all depends on yourself too).
Be sure to register (it’s free so don’t worry on that, lol) on the forum and ask whatever questions you have that the articles don’t seem to cover for you. By learning meditation (very basic meditation) method this way you can get through and learn all you need to know.


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