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ive been a baptist all my life but recently ive been engaged to be married with my broad shes native.?

she native american and i was wondering would i have to convert into her religion because they do a lot of ceremonies involving dance and singing the seeing and hearing of spirits from the spirit world and old practices of shamanism. how would u suggest we cope with each others religions anomalies.


  1. NO! do not convert to her religion! You being a baptist should know better. You dont seem like your really a christian if you are considering converting.
    I’m baptist also and I married someone who was baptist. I would NEVER marry someone of an entirely different religion.

  2. Why do you have to convert. Obviously it has not been a problem all through your dating and engagement, why would she care now? Why would you care now?
    If you are interested in her spiritualism, pursue it, but otherwise, why care?

  3. first you should start by not calling her your ‘broad’.
    then, you should both either agree to disagree, or decide which faith suits you both best.

  4. Become an Atheist, it will solve everything.
    And you probably shouldn’t marry someone you call a ‘broad’.

  5. Well, first I think you must quit calling her Broad. I think you could do anything and get away with it. Once saved always saved you know. Can baptists dance? Shamanism should be in your cup of tea. I really think the marriage will work. The religions appear to be similar.
    ADDED I am so proud that you didn’t call her squaw and make her walk 20 feet behind you.

  6. i’m sure she appreciates you calling her a “broad.”
    i think you could work it out. what i would worry about is how you would raise any future children. also, are you even sure she’s the kind of native american who does the dancing kind of rituals?

  7. If your religious beliefs are very important to you, don’t marry someone who is not the same faith as you. How would you agree on the most important things in life, especially raising children, or taking care of elderly parents, if you don’t share the same, most basic foundation of beliefs?
    Your religion shapes the way you think, choose, feel and behave… it is the root foundation of your experience of this world.
    I am an atheist myself, so I have no dog in this race. I give you my answer in genuine concern for your well-being and future happiness. I myself would never date, much less, marry someone with even moderate religious convictions. Not because I’m prejudiced against them, but because such relationships are doomed to failure… and a great deal of pain and disappointment on the way down.

  8. I would tell you not to convert. But for most, conversion is not necessary. Many Native Americans follow both Indian religion and Christian just as East Indians or other orientals do.
    Baptist can dance now whoever asked. They “voted” it out of being a sin so you don’t go to hell for it anymore. It was a hell thing for about 160 years after they voted it a sin.
    They are working on gay stuff now (voting it out of sin status).

  9. The “broad” word, broad-sided me, to say the least. But I’m still going to give you a honest, opinion.
    I went to a sweat-lodge, a Native American church gathering.
    I loved it!! But I’m open-minded and love new experiences!
    You hold your own answer…if your closed-minded, egotisical, male-chauventistic pig…dont do it!!
    You’ll only make her leave you, cursing the day she ever met you. But if you are willing to Love her and ALL that goes along with her…Go for it!!


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