I've acquired a pocket size crystal ball at a flea market, does anyone know how to purify it?

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It’s a real beauty ( Rose on one end, clear in the middle and cloudy on the other end. ) but I’m concerned because I don’t know it’s history. If I leave it out in the sunlight beside a hematite hexagon rod for a few days is that enough to clear any negative energy it may have picked up from it’s former keeper? The vendor let it go for a dollar and seemed pleased it was gone so that’s my concern. Any tips on this?

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After I get done laughing, I might be able to take your question seriously. No, wait, sorry.

Amy S

Well, hot soapy water in the kitchen sink ought to do it. LOL

Marvin R

more may be better at this question but how about smudging with sage and sweet grass ?



The What Should I Do Retard

blue balz!!! what should i do goku?


Do the sign of the cross over it.. and coat it with Olive Oil and ask God for mercy over your soul, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
There is also exorcism prayers but only an Orthodox Christian can say them, otherwise you are opening yourself up for a world of hurt. To me it is sad that someone would sell you this object, if they knew it was going to be a problem for someone. But, most don’t know very much about how to shut down spiritual problems, so they pass them off to someone else. You need to forgive this person who sold this to you, and ask for mercy for buying it. This is also important to the cleansing process.
Scrying is not what christians do, so once you purify it, if you do open it up and scry with it, then the demon or darkness would come back. If it is just a pretty something you want, then the olive oil is good to purify and close the door that was opened.


Soak it in water overnight and then pour the water into a puddle on the sidewalk. Any evil influences will attach themselves to the first person to step into the puddle.

Wiccan Teen

I think that works fine (what you suggested). You could also consecrate it to prevent it from picking up other people’s vibrations who might have handled it.
-Wiccan Teen )O(


You might try bleach.
I wouldn’t worry much it’s just a stone, neither good or bad on it’s own, it can’t speak, think, understand or anything it’s just a stone.


Hold it under running water.
Where it has been is of no consequence. Where it is now and what you plan to do with it are.


Negative energy associated with an item is hard to get rid of, I would suggest cleaning it and then placing it with other items that have high positive energy to you.


A good way to purify objects, is to wash them in a small tub of warm (not too hot!) salt water, pat them dry, and then rub with your favorite oil (scented or non), while chanting the prayer of your choice.
That’s how I do it.
And careful you don’t oil it up so much you drop it 🙂
Good luck, hun.


There are several ways that you can purify a crystal like that. One is to bury it in the earth for at least 24 hours. One is to hold it under running water for a while, to let the negative energies wash away with the water. Some say to bathe it in salt water or to bury it in salt for a while. Smudging works as well as does letting it absorb the rays of both the sun and the moon, so put it in a window sill for a full 24 hour turn.
One thing that you might be careful of is that some stones don’t take too kindly to water or salt, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to research this if you intend on getting different types of stones.
Good luck! 🙂


Burn some incense and say,”The power of Christ compells you!”


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