Its said that the sun is the source of all energy on earth even the energy thats produced in your body explain






  1. Some things to observe are the facts that everything living relies on some form of thermal energy, not even taking in account the vitamins and other benefits all life reaps from the sun. Without the Sun, everyone knows for obvious reasons life would cease to exist. Again, basing my answer on thermal properties alone, we humans would not be able to maintain our internal temperature very long even with artificial means, as the Earth itself would eventually(quickly)drop to a temperature where only a few life forms MAY have a chance of surviving, but that is also unlikely. Artificial means mentioned would not be possible for long without the thermal power of the Sun, as temperature change affects almost all means of deriving/producing energy on some level, a drastic decrease would likely change all chemical properties to the point that the means we use for energy production would be impossible. With all of that said, this would be a small worry compared to the Oxygen that we would lose very rapidly, (which is created in one form or another by the Sun for “activation energy”) to the point Oxygen would quickly be consumed, and thus no longer produced.

  2. Rhurley has it. Energy in you comes from energy stored in food. That comes from energy stored in plants via photosynthesis (carbs and sugars, etc.) and in proteins etc. from meat (which if you track far enough came from a plant.
    Another way to look at it this is a thought experiment. Put the solar system in a giant shell. Any change to us? Not really.
    Now, put the earth in a giant shell (blocking sun). Any change? Yes! We’d freeze and/or starve very quickly.

  3. The sun gives sunlight wich when we are outside gives us Vitamin D, also gives plants the material to do photosinthesys, wich is needed to make oxigen, essential for life

  4. The sun provides energy to plants, because they absorb its light and convert it to energy. We then consume plants and utilize the energy.

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