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It’s clear that the mind-body is the vehicle with which consciousness expresses itself?

Is that it – kaput! No more manifestation? However, as Awareness is changeless, then that cannot be true. Awareness must carry on, irrespective of whether the mind-body is alive or dead. What is it that apparently leaves the mind-body at ‘death’?


  • In a way, you answered your own question. What you call Awareness is essentially what I call consciousness.My personal thought is that the Universe itself is a self-conscious entity, it knows itself. Our own individual consciousness is a part of that. We came to be with the Big Bang, we will cease to be when the Universe ends, however that happens. Meantime, our individual consciousness is sometimes at one with Universal Consciousness, sometimes our individual consciousness takes on physical matter for whatever duration. As Meister Eckhart put it, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual being having a human experience”.

  • The spirit

    The spirit is eternal and if you accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit will change your soul (made up of the mind, emotions and will) conforming your “inner man”, your spirit, to be like Him. When you pass from this life to the next, you are promised a place in heaven.

    If your spirit has not been changed due to your desire to live as you please, being your own god, you will pass from this life to the next being self condemned. Your spirit will be always aware of the darkness in which you have chosen to reside for eternity.

  • Consciousness is you.Now it reflects out of you through the mind ,body. In the future when you pass it takes on new form or no form and still consciousness is you, is my view.<>

  • Consciousness originates in the mind.

    “Awareness must carry on, irrespective of whether the mind-body is alive or dead.”

    Prove it.

  • at ‘death’? You’re a buddhist aren’t you? Or a hindu. Try a christian church and all your problems will be solved. I was delivered from pornography today. All because of Jesus.

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