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It's been told that Anton Lavey accepted Christ on his death bed. No one knows what theywill do when facing

death. Agree or disagree?
Hey, I am only telling you what I’ve been told. Nothing more.


  1. Its true, who knows what anyone will do when they die, but the Anton Levay repentance is a lie. Its Christian propoganda, basically trying to show that the power of Christ is so great that even life long satan worshippers turn to him eventually. It makes a strong sales pitch, but its complete B.S. and typical Jesus freak arrogance.

    • And you know this because???
      No one know EXACTLY what happened. If you believe its not true ok good for you dude but dont generalise christians, cool? Thanks, God Bless

      • We know the story of Anton Lavey’s death bed conversion was fabricated because his daughter Zeena Lavey was at his deathbed and denies it. She is no longer with the Church of Satan so has no need to protect it. The rumor probably started because the closest hospital he was rushed to had a Christian affiliation. Ironically they tried to save his life.

  2. I seriously doubt that’s true. I think the whole “Hah! He joined our side at the last minute!” thing is just really petty. You don’t hear people saying “Oh, well Mother Teresa became an athiest on her deathbed!”

  3. I find it hard to believe that the founder of modern Satanism who was a hardcore Atheist would accept Christ. Blessed be.

    • Since the LaVey was a satanist, by definition he was not an atheist. Atheism is not the opposite of christianity, or any other religion for that matter. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in any god or gods. Next time choose your words more carefully.

    • The man posing as “Anthony ‘Jess’ Lavey” who is apparently a Reverend and hawkes his story about the abuse he suffered at the hands of A Lavey is a hoax. This man is in his 30’s and the real son is named Satan Xerxes Carnacki Lavey and is only 18 this year as he was born in 1993. I would love for him to be a Christian but as far as I’m aware he’s still embracing the beliefs he was raised with.

  4. Im sure some people know but I don’t see the reason to worry about it so I don’t. I can tell you that if you a “good” person that you have should nothing to worry about. By “good” i mean you treat humans and animals like you would want to be treated. I say that thinking hopefully you don’t like to be treated like crap.

      • That’s a little too simple, since only a tiny fraction of the estimated 80 Billion people born on the planet have ever hear of Jesus.
        I hope you are wrong since you condemn Billions of ‘souls’ to everlasting hellfire. What a friend we have in Jesus?

        • GOD doesn’t want ANY of His creations to perish. He gave us free will to choose how to live our lives and where we want to spend our eternity. WE make that choice to believe and repent….or not. Yes….it’s that simple. The lies created by Satan are to steal, kill, and DESTROY and he wants nothing more than to make people think it’s too good to be true!

    • It is not that simple. Do not get your values and info from the world which, to anyone not blind, is clearly deluded and to think that your perceived litmus test is the standard to not spending eternity in hell is ludicrous. There is so much more to it than that. Don’t get a Bible an sit down quietly and effectively and learn…let the Humane Society lead you to salvation. While a kind heart ois

  5. Never heard that but facing death will make you wonder what is ahead for you. People may find themselves suddenly scared to die and fear they are going to a bad place.

    • If they think that and don’t KNOW different then sadly they are…unless..the harsh truth that should SHOULD lead to reflection and repentance….but? it often never does and another soul is lost to the punishment never intended for humans but the angels that fell millienia ago. It was to be for them before any people died with the righteous dead( who everyone chose Jesus when he knocked down the doors of hell and carried them home about 30 AD + or – 3 years.The lake of fire was meant only for them but through rebellion and self deception mankind is beating in the doors wanting in. Sadly an objective perusal of the scriptures without a sneering and arrogant attitude will often surprise them into recognizing the truth. Not knowing what awaits…thinking hell is like a big Altamont Rock Festival or night at the disco/Studio 54, or maybe Woodstock or that Rap Concert and while many performers at and attendees of those may be there they won’t be doing sets. Just screaming in a murderous cacaphony of torment that never knows night, day, summer or winter rain or cool breezes,spring or fall or respite…..they flippantly drive right off that cliff full throttle with no possibilities of do-overs. The sheer folly of rejecting even the most cursory examination of the possibilities is maddening for one who knows…not believes but knows…..seek ye first the Kingdom and all other things shall be added to you. Shalom and Maranatha and Sha’alu sha’a’lom Ye’rush’a’la’yim.

  6. As a partial follower of his teachings, I can believe it. The man WAS a charlatan.
    Howevever, I disagree on you with my death. I know what will happen. As soon as I’m not able to do anything physical well, it’s time to take a handful of painkillers with booze. No prayers, except to Hades and Hermes to guide and judge my soul as they see fit [Though, I do not see myself having an afterlife, I want to lose all, or become more than I am] .

    • I know that Christianity is somewhat unfashionable in some circles, but the truth remains such with or without a following. When asked about heaven (John ch 3), Jesus said that just as the human body must be born into the earth to live in the physical relealm (pls forgive bad spelling), the human spirit must be born into the spiritual realm to go a spirtual heaven. Some Christians call this being born again or the second birth. Spirital birth happens when one recognizes God and his son Jesus and the sacrifice Jesus make on the cross. One must ask forgiveness of sin and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide ones life…There you go..Bible in short. Thanks for reading my reply.

  7. The international Church of Satan has vehemently denied the Lavey repentance. I imagine they’d know better than anyone else. Take their word for it.

    • You seem to also be unable to take any word that doesn’t coincide with your beliefs.
      Also allow me to correct you on one point. LaVeyan Satanists do not believe or worship a god or devil. To put it simply, it’s a philosophy for atheists. Complete rejection of any religion.

      • This is false, the bible even teaches there are no atheist, EVERYONE WORSHIPS something, regardless of it is the one True God or not. You might worship your internet or your car, or your self. But don’t say they didn’t worship. The Truth is stranger than fiction my friend.
        God Bless you

        • Sorry to break it to you, but the bible isn’t the authority on all things, even christianity. Through the centuries, as it got copied and recopied, mostly by hand up until the invention of the printing press, errors were made. The quality of translation to English and other vernacular languages was also often poor. This evidence alone should be enough to justify not taking it literally, and I haven’t even got into the fact that most of it was written by men with no prior credibility hundreds of years after Jesus’ death.

      • “Also allow me to correct you on one point. LaVeyan Satanists do not believe or worship a god or devil.” ??
        -That’s what MOST think, that they’re just simply atheist/agnostics. But their high priests and priestesses knows who they’re actually worshipping. People are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Do not be deceive. One day, truth will prevail and it will be too late to regret….

    • Amen to that! I was waiting for someone to say that!!!!! You can’t believe any of the Saranic doctrine, esp. The idea that Church O’Satanists don’t actually “worship” a Satan..they simply choose to have The Father Of Lies as its mascot.

  8. Bullshit! It’s because he died in a roman catholic hospital and x-tians love to portrait LaVey as converting because of that fact. But he died there, because it was the closest hospital available.

    • accounting on how many souls he would have delivered to satan, according to your beliefs not mine (I don’t believe in any of this bullshit), satan may pardon him and give him some sort of reward?


    • You are a very kind inciteful soul. I do not wish any one the torments of hell (hitler is excluded). I really wish that people had a chance to just slow down and spend time with their souls. Most people rush about trying to find something to fll the emptiness that gnaws at them at night when they are alone in the dark. Only the comfort that is the Holy Spirit can feel the darkness.

  10. I do not believe LeVay denounced his beliefs at death. If he did, his work would not be an on-going concern and there would no longer be a Satanic Church. The truth is the Church of Satan is still going strong and there are in-fact other similar non-theistic “ministries” that have started up all over the place. Additionally his own family would not still be part of what he started and they very much are. Shit as a Satanist, being sent to an Christian hospital would make me say that “there is something dreadfully wrong here” (paraphrased) to.

    • Lavey is not SATAN! Therefore even he repented on his deathbed , the church of satan will still continue because Satan controls in the midst of satanists! But I must say our God in heaven is merciful and powerful! I was blinded by darkness andI God saved my soul from Satanism many years ago. I prayed for Antons salvation regardless of his rituals and teachings.. Because Satan is disgusting! You don’t know what goes on in that Church of Satan! … I am now a PROPHETESS OF GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN. PRAISE BE TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY!

  11. There is no reliable source of evidence that say Anton accepted Christ or stayed true to his ideology. seeing as though his children never commented on the matter make it more difficult….
    I can agree with the comments made about the Christian church making a conspiracy to stop the growth of Satanism.
    After Charles Darwin died, it was reported that he became a Christian and denied his theory of Evolution…..in the end his family denied the claims and his theory is now key in the field of Biology.

  12. Believe it or not this is true and very common for atheist on their deathbed and recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is where the people in the Armed Forces get the term “No Atheist in the Foxhole”

  13. “Jess Lavey” is really:
    Anthony Littlewolf
    13645 5th St, Spc 10
    Yucaipa, CA 92399-5378
    (909) 446-8737
    He was a teenage kid living with his ill grandfather, Jai Littlewolf, in
    Bonanza Mobile Home Trailer Park in CA – Hence, SPC 10 (Space 10, or trailer
    10). A complete clown and loser and absolute fake. He pulled the entire stunt
    for pathetic attention. Maybe someone should contact his grandfather and
    inform him of what’s been going on.

  14. You have until your last breath to repent and accept Christ. If Anton did this then God forgave him and he is in heaven, not hell. If however, he died without repenting, then he is in hell.
    God is love. God forgives. God wants to be in our lives. He wants us to know him in this life.
    God does amazing things. Usually a person dies and then they either go to heaven or hell. However, in this situation it appears that God revealed hell to Anton, which scared him and it gave him the ability to repent.
    It’s interesting to me that a satanist would worship Satan, so presumably expecting to go to hell anyway – the vision of hell must’ve been worse than he could have imagined, since he spent his life on earth wanting to go there, but then when faced with it cried out to God.
    You’ll be amazed also at how even people who are atheists will reach that point on their deathbed where they wonder whether there actually is a heaven and hell.
    The Bible is the word of God. Everything we need is written in it. You’ll be amazed if you just sit down to read it.
    Open your heart to God. Let him into your life.

    • Yes! Amen! I agree with you so much. It’s funny how people can go their whole life worshiping nothing or Satan and then on their death beds, be crying out to be forgiven. Thank the Lord for loving us so dearly. Jesus<3333

  15. zxaliane
    as an avid satanist i cannot believe such rumors are actually true, satanism was his lifes work so to speak.. he was not a hypocrit..and i believe he dies the way he lived..

    • The philosophy of not worshiping a deity – and promoting self indulgence is crap- Hail Satan??? What has he done for you ?- he is the lord of this word – let him have the world , It is eternity that matters- Forever in heaven with the Father – or forever in torture and torment with the fallen one ; words have power and meaning – Christ spoke of this – God has not changed and we should fear his wrath …. But it is in the great judgement that we will all know ; we all fall short of the glory of god …


    • Leave it to a greek orthodox to take a strangely twisted discussion into an even worse one,,! There are about 17 people?!?!That had after death experiences and saw heaven and hell? Come on…! I do not adhere to any kind of religious philosophy, but I am sure of one thing: it is a comfortable way for the anxious and the insecure to attach like leeches on a religious system of beliefs. It is fine though to have it as a support guide if you need to. But projecting it and rubbing it in people’s faces doesn’t help anybady. God knowledge can only be God speculation, or belief in God, nothing more than that. Try to level with the fact that the more you attribute to God your goodness or your badness, the less you are aware of the actions you do on your own in a conscious way..!

  17. Anton Szandor LaVey 1930-1997 died of Pulmonary Edema:
    Pulmonary edema occurs when the alveoli fill up with excess fluid seeped out of the blood vessels in the lung instead of air. This can cause problems with the exchange of gas (oxygen and carbon dioxide), resulting in breathing difficulty and poor oxygenation of blood. Sometimes, this can be referred to as water in the lungs so I doubt any crying out to “god” was vocalized in anyway in his condition. I am a Proud member of the Church of Satan and Satanism is NOT a spiritual based mentality but a Athiestic, Carnal, earth bound philosophy. Get your facts straight and go straight to the source. http://www.Churchofsatan.com

    • “the Church of Satan and Satanism is NOT a spiritual based mentality but a Athiestic, Carnal, earth bound philosophy.”
      -Bruce, ALL lower members believe the same deception. That they’re not worshipping any deity. Yes leaders dont- infront of members because that’s what they’re telling them. But behind the curtain, you do not know what your leaders are TRULY doing. If some church goers are being brainwashed by some fake christian leaders, You and other “satanists a.k.a atheists/agnostics” are brainwashed too. KNOW what your leaders are doing, DO NOT just take their words. Your high priests and priestesses do worship a deity behind your back. Its just like freemasonry and other secret society, lower degree members do not know anything what higher degrees are actually doing.
      DO NOT BE DECEIVE. sigh.

  18. To the christians wo commented on this post: Why does it matter if he did convert? Whoop whoop you got another soul. Whats the big deal? Philosophy andreigion are personal so it dosent matter.
    To the satanists and others who commented on this post: Using cusswords is a sign of low intelligence. People use them because they cannot articulate using actual words. And do not let the christians get to you. They mean well and are only concerned for your soul. how is that a bad thing?
    In Darkness and in Light
    Skye Nightwatcher

  19. I will just say this……..to be an evolutionist you have to believe nothing created everything, non life created life. in the first grade my teacher taught me that 0 from 0 is 0. nothing from nothing is nothing.. so atheist or evolutionist, i challenge you to show or tell me of just one thing that made it`s ownself. macro evolution i believe in b/c we see it all the time, for instance we have a sparrow and then we have a mighty eagle with 10 ft wing span ridding the current of a mighty wind, so what they are both still birds. a house cat and a lion, same thing, both cats…..but darwinism evolution is silly, a mouse could transition into an elephant and so on….no fossil record anywhere to support darwin. if darwin was alive today he would surely see his errors……show me one thing that made it`s own self? so i don`t have the faith it requires to be an evolutionist…Glory be to GOD, Haleluia to GOD. I LOVE YOU JESUS…I pray all that deny God will repent before you take that last breath. your last breath here is your first breath there, will it be hell or HEAVEN, i`m praying for you now that it will be HEAVEN……praise be to GOD.

  20. So if anyone on this earth can show me just one thing that made it`s ownself i will close my Bible and never open it again…you can name things untill you take your last breath but everything you name was made by someone…the beautiful stars in the night sky declare the glory of GOD. the beautiful stars and planets show GODS handy work…..so i could never be an atheist or evolutionist…..I pray that GOD has lavay in his custody and lavay now sees just how wrong he was……pray for all, you wouldn`t want anyone to go to this horrible place God calls hell……….some people think hell is gonna be a big party with all the lost present, but the BIBLE teaches you won`t even know there is anyone else there, GOD deals with you one on one. HELL WILL BE WORSE THAN ANY TRILLION NIGHT MARES YOU COULD EVER CONGER UP……I LOVE YOU JESUS…

  21. I don’t get it…
    Nobody´s presenting anything but hearsay, why even argue the matter? Claiming those where his last words without any form of evidence, it just shows that you missed out on the point, as a Christian one doesn’t have to blindly believe everything, it’s enough for one to believe blindly that Jesus is the lord and saviour, no need to indulge in stupidity and believe everything anybody says without proof or reliable sources.

  22. Church of Satan is not an organization who simply disregard any deity. HIGH PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES DO WORSHIP A LITERAL SATAN. You do not know because you’re brainwashed by your leaders. You do not know because you simply take what the crowd says. You do not know because you like it that way. Step out and know what your leaders are hiding. Anton Lavey wasn’t just an atheist, he was a literal satanist. Whether he did repent or not, game over. Now, think of your self.
    If there really is no heaven and hell, GOOD FOR EVERYONE OF US, so called believers or satanists.
    But if there really is heaven and hell, SORRY for those going to hell.
    however, There’s no such thing as “too late” as long as you still have your breathe. At the end of the day, it’s always our own choice.
    Have a great day!

  23. I’m an Agnostic so I’m neither atheist or religious in any way. As I read these posts, I couldn’t help but to be amused at how every religious group tries to implement their beliefs on others as facts by using fear in one way or another. I encourage everyone to do more research on religion and to have a more open mind. Again, I am not bashing religion or anything, I have the utmost respect for everyone’s beliefs.

  24. I wish he remained ignorant till the end! With number of souls he sent to hell with his satanic activities! He deserve to go to hell too.
    He should be in hell to believe that Jesus is Lord! He should face the truth the hard way! That seems fair to me!

    • You should wish others what you would wish for yourself, and although this guy propagated Satan into lives, he never sent one soul to Hell, and you know that.

  25. It is also he remained ignorant till the end! With number of souls he sent to hell with his satanic activities! He deserve to feel the hottest part of hell too.
    He should be in hell to believe that Jesus is Lord! He should face the truth the hard way! That seems fair to me!

    • Calm your tongue n hear these words fool your God says not o urge for yo shall be judged 10 times fold an love thine brethren according to your God where all made in his image so do you deny him threw your brethren

      • Your denying who you are I hope Satan visits you later to disturb your sleep how dare you deny your own god! Satanists belong to Satan and will be the most eager to get his mark, the mark of the beast.

  26. Simple if Satanism is not worshipping the devil then y have the name Satan in the ludicrous title? ask yourselves that satanist lol

    • Just as then name Christ is in CHRISTian
      Satan is in SATANism it’s not to worship a God but to stride to be like one in all that we do just as you “Christians” do

        • Also, Christians worship God and Jesus as the word Christian means that they conform to the teachings of Jesus christ. Jesus is worshipped though as he is the embodiment of God on earth, you Christians need to READ your bible and not just go to church and listen to the minister preach his interpretation of “today’s scripture” try to understand what the holy bible actually says.

    • It’s a religion founded on the hatred of Christians for their ignorant and blind faith, by calling themselves satanists, they do not worship satan, but identify with the Christian antagonist as being against the Judeo-Christian people and their teachings. While they do hate Christianity, they depend on it to basically have something to mock and most rituals and customs are corruptions of Catholics and are designed to both anger them and also to show them their blind piety. To a satanist, they are not an actual religion, but instead the antagonist to all of them, the anti-Christians or Satanists as not all abrahamic religions are Christian, but they all have a satan. That’s why.

      • Eli Login wake up your lying and fooling yourself, no one else! Christians do not deny their worship to jesus Christ, Christ is in their allegiance title. Satanists deny their worship to Satan. Remove Satan out of your name then

      • Logan call yourself Judeoists then. Why satanists therefore? But wait that doesn’t sound quite evil enough does it? Serial killers wearing Satan’s pentagram would never deny Satan at least they have guts and honour unlike you who pretend to be squeaky clean but want an evil name too, you are spineless satanists, stand up for your master admit to it you worship satan!

    • Simple. There’s Theistic Satanism and LaVeyan satanism. LaVeyan is self worship while Theistic is actually devil worshipping, but our idea of Satan is completely different. He isn’t the villain hes portrayed as in the bible.

  27. If you check it out online then you will see that his daughter has commented on this matter and says it is all lies. But how would she know? If I remember correctly she wasn’t even at his deathbed. Her and her husband had started some other ‘wolf’ group and was busy with that.

  28. Zeena (LaVey) Shreck was estranged from the LaVey family for several years prior to her father’s death. Karla LaVey and Blanche Barton spent the most time with him at the end of his life. He will have been on powerful painkillers and wearing an oxygen mask at the time he died and unable to speak due to fluid in his lungs – Go look up his cause of death if you don’t believe me. Patricia King stated this rumour 6-7 years after his death and, on her lawyers’ advice, didn’t actually name LaVey but rather a ‘high ranking Satanist’ to avoid possible entanglements. No one who was present when LaVey died reported any such thing, it’s just a fanciful lie that’s spread around much as the reports of Charles Darwin’s deathbed recantation.

    • The most complex aspects of life, our anatomy, our brains ability to communicate with our eyes, ears, sense of smell and taste, actual feeling of love, concern for the safety of the ones closest to us even if it means sacrificing our own selves…… Where does this come from? A conscious/soul that is only felt by us as humans. Hence, the feeling of guilt if you do something wrong! Where does that guilt come from? Think about it! It comes from something deep inside you that naturally hints to you whether something you do is right or wrong. Animals (like Lions) kill the inferior/weak in their bloodline to maintain their own dominance. If they invade another’s Pride and defeat the dominant Lion, they kill all of his cubs to try and destroy any genes he may could carry on. All this done unmercifully! Why? The non-existence of a conscious or soul. That’s why we are created in Gods image. What can anyone say that Satan has done for you to advance or prosper your existence? If you believe in Satan, then you have to believe in God. If you believe in evil then you have to believe in good. One could not exist without the other. Bad times create good times. Good times create bad times. If neither existed, there would only be times!!! What do you think dictates good and bad? You can’t say it’s created by man because we feel the influence of good and bad when no one else is around. It’s a conscious decision given to us to be able to express loyalty to our Christian Faith or turn to evil and just not choose to accept the responsibility of accountability! I Pray for everyone around our world to be given the opportunity to hear Gods Word and decide for themselves whether or not to accept him or turn their back. Ultimately, I would hope everyone would run to Him! But that will never be the case because we are granted free will to choose. Please please please, at least entertain the thought of God loving you and always being there to accept you, no matter what you’ve done. I would bet that 99% of people have felt that calling and thought about it. Just another reason to believe that He exists and is there! The difference in good and evil is so simple. The punishment and reward is also simple. What do you have to lose? If I’m wrong, you’re still gonna end up in the same place. If I’m right and you believe and commit; we can be in Paradise together forever.

  29. We are going to hell for disobeying the bible yet you judge us?
    Last I remember judging is against gods will

    • God sends no one to hell, you send your self there, the Lord came to save that we might have life more abundantly, as it written, The Lord is not willing that anyone perish, but to come to everlasting life through Jesus Christ, Read Revelation 7:16, 16:8 and Revelation 13:16 ,It’s about Salvation. Read it Bro

      • God could prevent these people from going to hell though… If he is all knowing/powerful then why let so many souls suffer needlessly?

  30. He accepted The Ramones on his deathbed. They came to him & sang there songs which gave him the message that they were there to take him to Heaven where all the so-called Devil worshipers went. Yes he’s up there. The Ramones are my guardian angels. I don’t need to go to any church unless I want to. There are why too many judgmental people out there including unjust judges.


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