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It is said to expell negative energies but can't they be used to create something positive?


  1. If an energy is used to create something positive, then it really isn’t a negative energy is it? Some people see anger as a negative emotion, but anger is often a motivator for change that can be very positive. In that case, I’d say anger is a good thing.

  2. Perhaps we should not have a definite opinion on any event…until we see what it has been used for.
    A momentary negative….may become a propulsion of positivity.

  3. The Reiki Master who taught me, Kathleen Milner (author of Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing), said that negativity should be transformed. The technique I learned is to take the negativity and cast it into a violet flame. The violet flame transmutes it/ transforms it into white light. Then it is brought back up as white light.
    Good question.
    Blessings to you.

  4. Energies are unique to the creator. Casting negative energy is symbolic. The energy wasn’t negative, it just is. It’s how it was used.

  5. Negative energy is negative.
    Positive energy is positive.
    Both may be turned by desire.
    The problem is desire.
    The solution is not to desire.

  6. Ms Crone, I believe that you are confusing Negative energies with Malevolent energies. Malevolent energies are out to cause disruption and harm in our lives, Negativity on the other hand is aimed at removing something from our lives. That something CAN be eliminating BAD influences from our lives as well as eliminating good things from our lives. It’s only a matter of intent and wording. Negativity is NOT a bad thing in and of itself. the evil comes in with HOW we use that negativity. If, by using negative energy we wish to harm someone else then we are misusing that negativity. If we use negativity to eliminate things that are harmful to our lives or the lives of others (as long as we have their expresssed permission to do so), then HOW can that possibly be a bad thing?
    I fear that too often we allow others to identify our paths for us. They will term us as either “white” witches or “Balck” Witches. Neither is correct, we are merely Witches. Positive energy can be used in malevolent ways just as easily as Negative energy and vice versa. Conversely, they can BOTH be used to accomplish GOOD things in our lives and the lives of others.
    Raji the Green Witch


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