It is ok to get a distant attunement in reiki?

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What’s the difference? Please tell me all the info you know. Thank you.
the reiki attunement that i want to get it’s i have nothing to loose.I feel that i trust them but i wanted to see your opinion too.

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Jack P

No different from ‘hands on’ so far as I can tell.


Rieki is not allowed at all in the Christian Church, for it calls upon healing from some spirit other than God.


it works well
my friend does distance attunements and that is how I was attuned
the feeling is just as lovely
energy is energy and has no boundries xx

a psychic

my mom has a license or something in reiki and from what I read it seems really interesting.. I would definitively check it out


I’ve only heard of attunements being done in person. But I do know that reiki healing over distances can be done so perhaps attunements can be done over distance. I’d check this out with the Reiki Center at


I am Reiki II.
You should REALLY REALLY trust the person if it is a distant attunement, and find out what modality they are teaching. Many are out there just to scam and make money.
The original modality is Usui Reiki. Some people just got their attunements in crazy ways like by DVD or mail order. Insure that you get your attunement with someone that at least did it in a class environment or with respected teacher. Make sure they are a certified Usui Reiki Master, and have some kind of authentic certificate.

Devi Spring

If you know that the person doing the attunement is legit, then a distance attunement will be absolutely as effective as a hands-on one.
Beware of any distance attunements that immediately come with the manuals and the certificate all at once as soon as you make your payment. You get no training, and no support – and often you don’t even get an attunement!
There are some really great Reiki distance training classes out there though. I actually teach Reiki I online through my campus The Lotus Academy of Spiritual Arts. The Reiki I class is 3 months in length, and includes really intensive hands-on practical work, with in-depth feedback provided after each assignment, and constant support for all questions and concerns both during and after the course. I’ve seen several other great distance classes, too – so you have a good deal of choice if you do your research. Make sure there are actual lessons, regular/consistent support from the Master, and that you are held responsible for successful completion of the assignments BEFORE you are issued any certifications.


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