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It is consciousness that gives credibility and validity to ilusion. True, False, Neither, Why?

Time is the “transition” from an actual state to a potential state. Anything that is in “transition” is in a state of illusion. True or False


  1. Time is relative change. The change in the length of your hair relative to the change on an LED clock.
    Illusion exists in your world because you definite ‘states’.

  2. TRUE, for example,,
    if you said : I saw a little green man walking, it may sound like an illusion, and you might think that you lost your mind, BUT, if someone else saw it and said the same thing, it’ll give you credibility, and thus you are VERY conscious about what you are saying providing a valid proof.
    I think the time in between is the transition from a potential state to a real state, that when the ilusion makes sense

  3. Reality is a transition, yes. Consciousness portrays an illusion we call reality. But since WE are a part of the illusion, it is like you are Bugs Bunny saying “Oh all of THAT is just a cartoon.” and forgetting to include yourself and the carrot you are eating.

  4. hmm..false.
    Time is the “transition”…:
    the transition from a past actual state to the present actual state to a future actual state is subject to (what we call) time for the simple reason that (what we call) transition implies and is subject to (what we call) time (which is a concept, sometimes considered a dimension).
    Anything that..:
    a seed : a fact.
    The (potential) tree in it is not an illusion nor fact, it is a possibility. And given the right environment : a certainty but still no fact.
    The table we could make out of the wood : mere a possibility, still not an illusion nor a fact.
    An illusion is a mere possibility or impossibility seen upon as a certainty or fact.

  5. The answer to your bold-faced question is True. It can happen in at least one of 2 ways:
    1) the suspension of disbelief, which doesn’t only happen while reading fiction;
    2) a mistake of thought.
    The answer to the 2nd question is False.

  6. If by illusion you are referring to things that don’t exist, then consciousness cannot be aware of things that don’t exist.
    However the mind can create mental images that have no bearing on reality but then again our whole picture of reality is based on the mental image our mind creates. All of this happens within the field of consciousness. If we ‘believe’ the mental image of the world created by the mind, then that is just another trick the mind is playing on us. Consciousness being aware of the mind would be the one factor that would ‘see’ through the illusion. In fact, it is a heightened state of consciousness that gives the impression to the mind of the unreality of things around us.

  7. I could easily answer False because of an inconsistency in your premise. It should be stated that Time is the transition from Potential State to Actual State. Let me explain that: The future “moment” is a Potential State, and the current “moment” is the actual state. The transition of Time converts the Potential state into an Actual state by converting the Actual state into a Previous State. I also cannot comfortably label the Future moment’s “Potential State” as an illusion. In the science of carpentry, a straight line is called “True” if it is perfectly straight, but if a straight line is curved yet appears to be straight, it is not True but not because of its illusory effect, nor because it has the potential to be “True.” The Future “Potential” State does not exist as Falsness, but rather it will be exactly the same in Actual State as it is in Potential State. This holds true in the Quantum sense as well–of the many possible “Potential States,” the one chosen to become our future remains unchanged except for its transition from Potential to Actual States. If it was false as a potential state, then it should be equally false as an Actual State.


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