It is a proven fact of science that Energy is neither created or destroyed?

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I respect and believe the scientists who came to this conclusion.
With that established, is it possible that when we loose the use for our bodies on this earth plain does our energy consciousness return back to the unified energy field?
religious/atheist/agnostic answers welcome. Any thoughts,opinions, insights?

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no and wrong board…TIRH

Idiocity Assassin



God created everything we see…………including us.
When we die, we go to one of 2 places: Heaven with Christ or hell without Him

Matt's 3rd Account

It can’t be created or destroyed, but it CAN change form. Decay, being part of the natural process of death gives energy to the soil for use by new life.

Pigpen 1

it disperser’s like all other forms of energy……………….. into balance…………………..

Steve H

Energy is not the same as the soul or consciousness.


I hope so. I like to believe that we all go back in some form to a unified something. It is always good, I think, for people to look for spiritual solutions that allow for scientific truth. So, I like your idea.


please explain ‘Unified energy field’


Methane gas emitted from the human body tends to dissipate. If you are a midget in an elevator and someone rips one off, believe me it is not fun.

Dogstar Rising

It’s true that energy is not destroyed. When we die the energy of our bodies is lost to the environment as heat if cremated and as chemical energy through consumption by various organisms if buried.

thecrocoduck (RAWR)

You have a fanciful idea of what energy is and how the laws of physics a applied. The actual energy that is described by physics actually exist and can be measured, etc. The same can’t be said for spiritual ‘energy.’

Upasakha Jason

I could be open to the possibility, but I would have to wonder about the mechanism. We maintain our bodies and by extension, our consiousness by taking energy from the surrounding environment to stave off entropy. So, we are converting one form of energy into another to stay alive. We are also converting matter to energy and matter to another form of matter to accomplish this. So once we die, we no longer take energy from the surrounding environment. No energy is converted beyond what is left over in the body. Once that is done, it’s done.
So, to accomplish what you’re suggesting, there has to be a form of energy that is self-maintaining and independent of the surrounding environment. What is this energy, and why is it not detectable?

Sam Geezer

I’m not a physicist, but I think you have the wrong view of this energy.
It’s not that energy is just ‘out there’ in a single, static form waiting to be used. The electrical energy is your body is derived through a biochemical process that involves the metabolism of the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. Those foods are potential energy sources.
When you die, all of that metabolism and electrical activity ceases, but your carcass still has all of that potential energy that other little critters will soon metabolize for themselves.
The energy is conserved via this method, but not as some entity within you.
I think some of this arises from the mind/brain dichotomy.


“Consciousness” isn’t energy, your physical brain uses energy in order to produce “consciousness.” Without the physical brain to direct and control energy in order to produce it, there is no “consciousness.” That’s also a proven fact of science.
The energy your body has stored up for use by your brain and other systems, when you die, dissipates into the environment as simply heat (and/or as organic molecules as food for other organisms), adding to the entropy of the universe. It’s not in any way organized or “conscious,” and it never was.
There is, by the way, no evidence of any kind of a “unified energy field.” There is energy in the universe, and it can be used to do things — but it’s not unified or organized.


It really is not a fact. It is a law that was derived from experiments and facts. Just because we have not discovered how to do so, does not mean it is not possible to do so. To the best of our understanding, we believe this to be true but it is not possible to call this 100% fact. As my weird science teacher alwasy said “We only know what we know. We never know what we don’t know.”

Queen of Sheba

Energy isn’t destroyed but it is balanced. Postive balances negative. Its more like neutralized.
Energy from the sun came from somewhere, some say from a black hole on the other side in a paralell universe. No, its not a proven fact, its a theory and if you have great faith in scientific theory you are accepting their theories on faith just as religious people accept the concept of God on faith.
Yes, energy is recycled in the atom there is a proton , an electron and a neutron. when its becomes imbalanced it destroys and knocks everything around until it becomes rebalanced.

Barking Toad

The belief that our consciousness is somehow a specific “energy” or form thereof is mistaken. Consciousness is simply what happens when electricity and chemical reactions take place in a sufficiently highly developed brain.
So, that would be a no, I guess. When we die, the energy and matter in our bodies doesn’t “go” anywhere, until our bodies are either burned or decompose.


Conservation of energy is consistent within a closed system. However, it can change form.
What is an “energy consciousness”?
That is a term that doesn’t mean anything to me, and I suggest that it means nothing to science.


Absolutely! All we are is energy. When we die all of our brain power, which is how we think, react, move, speak, etc…which is energy goes and becomes another form of energy, since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, the energy will be transformed into another form of energy. E=mc^2 so that means that the more mass(not weight) we are made up of, the more energy we should have, our bodies are in a way of form useless. You can prove that the deceased human body still has stored energy when it’s cremated, the energy stored converts to thermal energy and so on and so on, but yes there is dead people energy everywhere, I myself am not a believer, but I think this is where the idea of a soul came to be and I assume that our energy stored is what people mean when people say soul.

Not a Member

Logically, the energy of our consciousness is an organized subset of the consciousness of the universe. This should evoke several more questions:
How conscious do you think the universe is?
How organized does this energy remain after the processes of life are no longer operational?
I have theories due to my near death experiences, but I cannot present them as facts.


Speaking just as a science perspective. There is no such thing as a “Unified Energy Field” in scientific theory. Also, “energy consciousness” is not something scientists believe exists. You have some chemical energy in your brain that makes you conscious. If you die, then over a period of a few hours the chemical reactions that power your body cease. The energy that powers you is constantly moving in form between different types of molecules in a delicate dance. Free energy is used in very small discrete quantities and then becomes body heat. Once you die that controlled process shuts down. The energy of your body is stored in all the various molecules of that system and in the various structures of your body. Bacteria and fungus and bugs will break down everything and re-use it. Matter and Energy will be conserved, but we are speaking strictly about the actual scientifically measurable matter and energy and as far a science is concerned that is all that there is.
As for the “proven fact of science that Energy is neither created or destroyed.” You are sort of wrong there too. If you properly understand the theory that goes back to Newton IN A CLOSED SYSTEM physicists and chemists always trust in the well established theory (so established it can be called a Law of Nature) that matter and energy are not created or destroyed. This had to be modified a little bit once we proved that e=mc^2 and that matter can become energy and energy can become matter, still if you have a closed system and account for everything it all has to add up.
BUT, although cosmologists (people who theorize about the nature and origin of the Universe) commonly assume that the Universe is a closed system (no matter or energy is being added or subtracted) no on has ever tested that theory. Also many such assumptions that seem so basic are being seriously questioned in current theories. You’ve all heard of Dark Matter and Dark Energy – well those are two theories that came about just exactly because cosmologists can’t figure out how to account for the way the Universe is expanding without coming up with new types and forms of matter to add to the system to make it balance out.
One sacrosanct law of nature that is currently being questioned is the very established idea that the laws of physics are the same everywhere and every time in the Universe. Currently some pretty respected cosmologists are seriously questioning if at some time in the history of the Universe things my actually have been different – because they can’t get their models to work otherwise. The truth is we as Physicists have taken this as a solid theory and it works for most stuff, but when you start looking at the early Universe – we have never asked or tested if it is true or not.
That is the way science works. Old theories get modified. Newtonian physics seemed 100% correct at one time, and in a way it still is, but it doesn’t work on a very large scale with high velocities (Relativity is required) and it doesn’t work at very very small scales (quantum Mechanics).
Finally, whether the Universe is a closed system or not, there is no SCIENTIFIC claim to know where the energy and matter originated from in the first place. String theory and oscillating universes just push that buck back. AND none of this proves and science has never tried to prove because it would be very ‘unscientific’ and probably impossible – that some outside power doesn’t occasionally add a bit of matter or energy here or there. AND if some outside or unknown power just moved energy and matter from one place to another in a way that physics doesn’t understand then matter and energy in the Universe would still be conserved.


For me this scientific axiom is more evidence of reincarnation. I think of both life and Spirit in terms of energy. This is why I do not fear death and why I think life does not begin at conception. Life just is. I believe that human souls retain their individuality although they will take on various personalities in different incarnations. In between each lifetime there is a period of rest and review where the soul incorporates the lessons learned.
I think each life is a part of the unified energy field but that more highly evolved lives have individual souls and once individualized that soul continues to evolve as a unit as well as part of the collective group.

One small candle

Einstein said so. It can only change form. Into what? that is the question isn’t it? Some would claim all energy began with God and returns to God.
We have only recently learned about a variety of “energies” that we didn’t know existed before modern technology – like radiation for instance. Who is to say whether or not we have even begun to identify all the forms that are possible, including our life force energy – or consciousness.


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