It appears that most spiritual people go through a crisis of "faith", did you know that Mother Teresa did?

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If you haven’t you should give it a try. It is illuminating.
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I am not on troll patrol. I get a question deleted nearly every week.

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Crisis of ‘faith’….hmmmmm, not if we practise moderately.


I saw that this morning. A 50 year period of crisis of faith…
She’s a strong woman. I admire her devotion.


If she didn’t have a “Dark night of the soul” she wouldn’t have been spiritual. It is in the order of things. If someone says they “always” believed I know they aren’t even close to spiritual.
♥Blessed Be♥

James-hova RTR: The Champ

A life without God AND without booze? In Calcutta?!? Wowsers.


she sucks

Michael B

Mother Teresa to me is the absolute perfect example of a true Christian. She is just the most amazing woman and I love her and respect her with all my heart. If anyone is in Heaven with God, it is her.
I was stunned to read about this. I’m still trying to decide what I think of it. If SHE had doubts and felt emptiness when praying, what does that mean? I really don’t have an answer yet. To hear it, leaves me speechless. I haven’t lost any respect or love for her, but it’s just so bizarre to hear such a thing about her of all people.


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