Isnt this a easy question for a medium or psychic?

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Someone told me I had a male teen spirit around who said “hi”. Is that true? If so, what does he look like, or whats his name? (The first letter atleast?)

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I used to have that happen to me a lot. Sometimes I thought it was my mother. I’m not sure you can REALLY know who it is. Even if someone gives you an can you be sure? Have you heard him?


Psychics need more then just a little information and if any psychic answers over the computer then they are either way fuckin powerfull or they are fake


His name is Tom. He is smal, skinny with long hair. Died in the 1960’s.

Kevin McCallister

yes it is for some.


If you do and when you sense the spirit….try talking to him and ask him his name…..They will speak if they want to especially if they like you.
Have you experienced or sensed anything unusual?
If and when you do is the time to speak. And listen for the answer…either out loud or a whisper…. and if your able to feel it telepathy….it thoughts…that’s hard for most people, but you would know for sure when it happens.
A medium can usually do there best work if they are there with the spirit.


I have to agree…. is there anything you personally have sensed or noticed that seemed out of the ordinary? What makes YOU think there is one, outside of someone else having told you?? It could just be that I’m not connecting to you, but I don’t sense anyone with you at the moment….


This could be true. He has at most, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 ears and 2 eyes. His name is……my internet credit has run ou


A picture of a slender blond haired boy popped in my head. He has wavy hair kinda thick healthy hair. The name Tracey came to my mind. His eye color I think Hazel or brown. Does this help you any??

kRaCKbaBy HeHe=P

just because someone else told you doesnt mean there is a spirit. they may just be trying to scare you. and i would think psychics needs more info? but maybe not


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