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Isn't PM Brown Meeting The Dalai Lama Like The Chinese PM Meeting Mullah Omar?

Check it out: Afghanistan occupied and Mullah Mohammed Omar in exile. Tibet occupied and the Lama in exile?


  1. It’s a true meeting of the minds, however one in the meeting is completely mindless. Can you guess which I may be thinking of?

  2. The Tibetans are the victims of a murderous colonizer who want to reduce the native inhabitants to zoo animals in their own country. The Dalai Lama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, for his non-violent resistance to an extremely violent Chinese occupation of his country. Mullah Omar is a murderer. I can only assume that you’re joking when you make the comparison.

  3. He is just meeting him. Not giving him money or making him an MP. He is not branded a terrorist so whats the problem.

  4. Are you comparing Mulla Omar with Dalai Lama ???
    In this world where the referee USA pulls out a red card to give all non Democratic countries. The Chinese govt is courageous enough to keep all the world powers in their back pocket. All the major industrial giants in their side pockets. The Chinese people in their socks……. and have a hearty laugh.
    In fact the whole world is scared to utter a word against the Chinese regime, The only balls of steel come from Taiwan.

  5. I would feel certain that like much of our politicians’ life in deepest bullshit, this is nothing but an empty PR gesture, intended to curry favour among decent Brits who all feel on the side of the oppressed Tibetans.
    Sorry, Gordon, we see through you. You might gain a few points in our eyes if you were to impose maximum economic sanctions, call for the rest of the EU to do likewise – and boycott the next Olympics. You could also make clear that while Tibet remains under enemy occupation, no visas will be granted to Chinese citizens for the 2012 Olympics either.
    Will you, Gordon? Pull the other one!

  6. The comparison in not relevant.
    Gordon Brown was recently in China, patting them on the back and generally Brown nosing the despicable Chinese regime leaders.
    Gordon and his pals in the Banks make a fortune out of promoting Chinese products and this is the only thing they are concerned with. The Dalai Lama and Tibet are of no interest to the Brown Brigade, its just window dressing, Brown and his chums in the end will do whatever China wants to keep the till ringing.
    The Dalai Lama would be better off talking to Postman Pat.

  7. Brown is doing it for publicity – simple. With the trade the West is hoping to do with China the Tibetan cause doesn’t stand an earthly.
    No Sh it Sherlock – how very right you are !

  8. Brown’s on China side. Look what happen a few years during a visit to the UK by the Chinese. Any free Tibet demo. was quashed by the British police and Tibetan flags was not allowed to be flown!


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