Isn't physical reincarnation merely the law of conservation of mass?

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we recycle back into anything, human or not, we break down into carbon etc and become parts of another thing?

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If that’s the reincarnation theory, that’s incredibly weak.
Woo! Decomposing! How enlightening!

Sheep w/ Shotguns

ignoring the size difference between potential reincarnated forms, the odds of all the atoms in your body rearranging into a single animal is incredibly unlikely…
more likely you are going to be scattered about the cosmos (depending on how much time transpires), of course it wouldn’t really be “you” at that point. what makes you unique isn’t the atoms that make you up, but the arrangements that they take.


reincarnation does not occur—our souls enter heaven or hell—GOD chooses which

lance corporal bitzdog

actually is perpetuating a nonsense.
so it would be more accurate to call it a conservation of crap


Reincarnation is just an illusion of illuded minds.


That’s more akin to recycling than reincarnation. I was always under the impression that reincarnation has to do with souls that live on.


thats not what reincarnation is about. its about souls getting a know body.
if i die and my body gets moldy the mold is basically composed of the atoms that once were a part of me but thats not really an afterlife you know.


Law of Conservation of Mass? Where did you get that from?


Warning: Be careful of confusing religious metaphor with actual science.


Reincarnation requires a preservation of information that simply does not happen. I’m sure it was a nice theory at one point, but it is quite dead today.




Yes when you realize that we are all just microcosms in the universe.


When we die, the mass of our bodies remains, but that isn’t the same thing as reincarnation. Reincarnation implies being recreated as something else. Decay isn’t really another stage in our existence, it’s just the inevitable process that follows death.


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