Isn't life/consciousness more important than mass or energy?

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From the conservation of mass and energy and given that life/consciousness is more important than mass or energy wouldn’t you think that somehow life/consciousness would also be conserved (can’t be created or destroyed always existing somehow or in some form)?

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One True Ceiling Cat

Consciousness is a product of energy. It surely is not more important.


Life and consciousness is made up of mass and energy.

Atheist Ad Infinitum

Who says life and consciousness is more important than mass and energy?


Life and consciousness are complex patterns of interacting matter and energy.
There is no law that complex patterns cannot be created or destroyed. In fact, if you look around you, I’m sure you will see that many of them ARE being created, changed, and destroyed.
So, no, I don’t believe that life or consciousness must be conserved. I’ve seen far too much evidence proving that it isn’t.


There is lots of experimental evidence that energy is conserved in a great many transformations.
Can you name any specific examples of “life/consciousness” being conserved in any situation?
The importance humans place on something appears not to impress the universe enough to make it change how it works.

John Popelish


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