Home Discussion Forum Isn't kind of ridiculous people are still superstitious about religion in 2008?

Isn't kind of ridiculous people are still superstitious about religion in 2008?

Come on folks, it isn’t that hard to figure it all out. If your’e going to devote your life to something at least do some research. Christianity is so obviously just another ancient collection of metaphors about the Sun and the Zodiac, and being enlightened by entheogenic drugs just like every other ancient religion on the planet aka Shamanism. Seriously folks, enough of the dogma, it’s time to get on with having a great time.
Adam V, you’re supposed to believe in yourself, that’s even what your bible is about if you understood it.


  1. Proof of God is before our very eyes in the Bible which foretells of the end of the world which is upon us.
    There are many prophesies in the Bible concerning the end times. Any one of these prophesies could simply be guesswork by an author. Make enough predictions and some will come true. But there is a uniqueness in these prophecies in so much that they will all happen within a common era of the days and years before the end.
    Here is a little background that even the skeptics concede as factual.
    The Judeo-Christian scriptures are a thousand or thousands of years old real or not.
    The Old Testament is the Bible of the Jews.
    The Jews are a real race of people that existed and used this same Bible then.
    Those same Jews are real and are here with us today.
    The Jews use the same Bible today as they did thousands of years ago.
    Thus we can at least acknowledge that the Jews are a real people that have worshiped their God through an actual book for several thousand years. The Christians have added many books to this called the New Testament which even skeptics believe are at a minimum 1,600 years old. Ancient peoples using ancient books that they seek their God with. We can conclude easily that the people are real and the book is ancient.
    With that said, those old books have correctly prophesied;
    *That the Jews would lose their homeland and be scattered throughout the nations
    *That their Jewish temple would be completely destroyed(destroyed by the Romans in AD 70)
    *That the Jews would return to reclaim their homeland after they have finished out Gods punishment of being carried away.(The Jews reformed the nation of Israel in 1948).
    *That God would give them again a common language.(The Jews of Israel now speak the long dead Hebrew language and is the de facto official language of government).
    *That there will be no new books added to the O.T. after Jesus. (No new books since before Christ have been added even though the Jews dont believe in Jesus the Christ).
    *That Jerusalem and the region will be in unending turmoil.
    *That the two main religions extending from Abraham’s sons Isaac(Jews) and Ishmail(muslims) would war until the end of days.
    Here are other end time prophisies that one can recognize in the last days;
    ***The scripture below describes the vehicles being used during the end times which descibe automibiles perfectly using the language of their day.
    (Nahum 4 “The chariots rage in the streets; they rush to and fro in the broad ways: the appearance of them is like torches; they run like the lightnings”.)
    Why would and how could the ancients make the assumption that end time chariots would “rush to and fro”, be self illuminated and run like “lighting”?
    ***There will be increased natural disasters. Look at secular websites that deal with weather, earthquakes, famines and the like. And also the impending ramifications of global warming(the earth has heated up more in the last 20 years than in the previous 10,000 years combined).
    ***The scripture below fortells of how the end of the world awaits the preaching of the Gospel to all parts of the world. Only now in modern times is this possible and is happening as we speak.
    (Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel(Jesus) of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”)
    *** The Bible foretells of the rebuilding of Gods temple. Israel has the blueprints ready and are awaiting one thing. To reclaim the ‘Dome of the Rock” held by the muslims.
    ***Knowledge and travel has increased more in the last century than in all of history combined and is foretold as a factor in the end times below.
    (Daniel 12:4 “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”.)
    Why would someone make up a prophesy about knowledge increasing when the default mindset of their day was one of knowledge being somewhat static and why would someone prophesy increased travel?
    ***Television was fortold in the following prophesy by implication as the entire world will watch an event collectivily in real time together.
    ( In the end God will send two prophets into the Holy City and will prophesy 260 days. Then the Beast will kill them. “””9And they of the people and kindreds and *TONGUES AND NATIONS* shall
    see their dead bodies three days and an half.”””
    How can the peoples of different languages and nations see these two prophets bodies live for 3-1/2 days? Great artists and fast camels? Television?
    *** At no time in history has people railed against and disrespected their parents as they do today. The below description personifies American pop culture and its global influence. This prophesy describes how people wil

  2. yeah! i never did that kind of research but i have reasoned that most religions have very little that apply to the modern world and that can actually line up with modern science

  3. Absolutely; the whole invisible-sky-critter scam is childish nonsense not too dissimilar to bogeymen under the bed; it was invented by crafty old men as a management tool to scare and or control peasants and small children.

  4. What should we believe in? The universe and everything in it being made by some mistake? Should we believe in drugs, rape, murder, hate………

  5. maybe this will surprise you maybe not dunno. I have 2 physics professors who are christian pastors also. Even got their doctorates. Im in physics my self. Why do I believe in God. “Personal Experience” Physics people are fascinated with investigating the unknown and hey there is a lot of unknown out there. Taste and see the Lord is good. Find out for your self.

  6. to each his own, mushroom jesus. is criticising, saying christians are riduculous and labeling as superstitious something you consider wise? live and let live. peace!

  7. You would be surprised how many intelligent people are actually Christians. I know at least three very intelligent people who are really good Christians. These people have advanced science degrees, and at the same time they are obedient to God.
    It is clear that you think that Christianity is the same as every other religion is the sense that its delusional. Allow me to say that God is in fact real. The evidence of his existence is everywhere. I suggest you find a non-denomination Christian church where you can find a Christian who will ask God to pour his spirit onto you. I have in fact felt it myself, and it is quite a rush. Once you feel the rush of God’s power through you, then you will be a different person. Feeling the power of God cannot be explained by science.
    If you ever think you can’t you can’t experience God, then you’re very wrong. I was a Catholic for a long time, and I eventually became an atheist when I was about 19 years old. For more than six months, I thought the same way you and every atheist does. I thought that science had the only explanations, death was the ultimate end, and that we had only one chance at life. I have been a non-denomination Christian for at least a year now, and I now understand more than ever before. I fully realize that the world is consumed by sin, not to mention it is very acceptable of it. My life was turned around after being baptized of the spirit. The holy spirit integrates with your spirit and literally changes you.
    Reading the bible to find contradictions is a waste of time because you will only find things that appear to you as contradictions, but in reality they aren’t. People who read the bible with a clear consciousness will find truth, not to mention they will find that the bible literally speaks out to you. No lies.
    Also, there are no scientific explanations for what the following is. Some people who are diagnosed with serious health conditions, such as cancer, will seek God for help. They ask for fellow Christians to pray for this person. If the person with cancer fasts and continues to pray, they will be healed. I know one person who actually experienced this. She had a tumor on her kidney, and after fasting and praying for a while, the tumor eventually dissipated. The doctor who discovered that the tumor was gone was shocked. How does a woman who receives no kinds of treatment end up being back to normal? Chance? No.
    I hope that you and every other person not of the one true faith will abandon their sinful lives, and allow Jesus into their life. It doesn’t matter what you have done, because by the blood of Jesus, you are saved. By him and through him, all of your sins are forgiven. You will find peace and true happiness through God our Father. True happiness cannot be found in the world of sin that we live in. Just take a look at all of the suffering in the world. Do you see what happens when people turn away from God?
    I hope my words have had a positive impact on all of those who read them. You may insult me, persecute me, hate me, or use any kind of negativity against me, but that will do you no good. We all have our problems, which is why it is time to lay all of our burdens at the cross. God doesn’t want us to be happy, he wants us to be obedient. Through that you will find joy in your life.
    God Bless and may you all discover God personally.


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