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Isn't it weird how the Left Wing seem more right brained and the Right Wing seem more left brained?

I’m just saying, it’s kind of weird isn’t it? Sort of like how your right lobe controls your left hand and your left lobe controls your right hand. Are extreme Left Wingers and Right Wingers just symbolic examples of taking one thought process too far on a physiological level? Is this why Right Wingers seem like such non-emotional, overly logical a$$holes but Left Wingers seem like artsy fartsy, overly emotional idealists?
I’m Independent so I represent the pineal gland of the political organism of humanity. Huzzah!


  1. Hrm, LOL, “artsy fartsy?” Politicians all know what they are doing, despite any stereotype.
    **Edit** I mean they are aware of their own agendas.

  2. Well you see, in todays politics, repubs and dems are the same. Does not matter who you vote for, repub or dem, you will get the same crap. Like Bush’s overspending? Obama did it too. Hate Iraq war, Obama sent more troops in.

  3. A well balanced person uses both left and right sides. The left side is the center of logic while the right is the center of emotion. Those who are the doers and go getters in life are the logical thinkers. They worry about that pesky $.03 discrepancy in the check book that will not balance. They will sit all night to find the mistake and correct it. Those who exist in the emotional realm however will just add or subtract the offending amount to the check book and declare it balanced. (month after month after mo….). These people are the artists, the creators of architectural wonders. They cannot be bothered by the minor things like an unbalanced checkbook or the realities of life that will only cause long term problems like illegal immigration or deficit spending. The architect’s sketch is made real by the logical builder.
    Let the lesson of nature guide us when electing people to handle our financial affairs in Washington.


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