Home Discussion Forum Isn't it uplifting to the spirit to be around little kids?

Isn't it uplifting to the spirit to be around little kids?

I volunteered to prepare a meal at the crisis nursery today and the kids really left an impression on me that felt spiritual.


  1. They are wonderful! It’s a gift to be able to spend time with them and see things from their point of view.
    I’m sure you were also a blessing to them.

  2. Yes! They are innocent and impressionable and wonderful. That’s why they need to be celebrated and protected in our heinous society. The most innocent of the innocent.

  3. Although I find them quite annoying, it’s refreshing to be around someone who is…
    They’re innocent. They can’t tell that, if their parents are against Christians, they are to also be against Christians.
    They KNOW that they are created by God in their hearts, it’s not until their minds are corrupted that they turn into the evil beings that the majority of the world is today.
    It is uplifting to be around them.

  4. I’m totally serious when I say this, but no, I find them depressing. They’re so happy and innocent, and they have no idea that the world sucks and one day their lives are going to suck, too.

  5. I’ve got three at home. I feel that way too….until they’re nearly killing each other over who’s turn it is to sit in the “cool’ seat in the car.
    My baby still takes my breath away with her innocence.

  6. when i go home,to my adopted village in Africa the kids see me coming,and make a bee line. I’m not sure if it’s the presents or for the sweets in my pocket. They used to run away at first,ahrgh the white mans coming,run. Lmao


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