Isn't Christianity Basically Like a Greek-Mythological Version of Buddhism?





The idea of sacrificing your materialistic life and ego through a half-man, half-God creature who came to fulfill the covenant between you and the endless hereafter beyond all pain? I mean, isn’t this like the handicapped, special ed version of Buddhism for folk who could never have the spiritual capacity in this life for attaining nirvana?


  1. All religions consist of two basic things.
    1. A code of conduct concerning how we treat our fellow man.
    2. What happens to me when I die.
    All the major religions except Christianity deal with life after death in the same way. Basically , keep the code of conduct and perfect your life until you become acceptable to God.
    Christianity says that is not acceptable. Christianity teaches that God put a mandatory death penalty on sin. He simply said the soul that sins shall die. Whenever a person commits there very first sin, they are tried, convicted, and the death penalty is placed on their head right then. If they step through the doorway of death and have not done something to remove that death penalty, it is over, finished, done.If you read the 20th chapter of Revelation you can see that Judgement day is just a roll call. It is no day in court. The question is how does a person get their name written in the book of life? If a person is going to try to go to heaven by getting good enough like the Buddist, Hindus Muslims and Jews, then they need to know what Gods requirments are . God is the God of perfection. They must lead a 100% perfect life from beginning to end. Jesus is the only person who ever did that. Gods offer is this . He says that every person has a death penalty to pay since all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Jesus is declared to be the glory of God and that is 100% perfection. His offer is this. If you will first repent. That means that you will commit yourself to a life style of making right decisions toward your fellow man, then if you will confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is the son of God, then on his record books he removes the death penalty off of your head and counts it on Jesus head 2000 years ago. Then he writes your name in the book of life. Christianity has no resemblance to Buddaism what so ever.
    All the religions of the world have a worthy code of conduct –except Islam. Their code of conduct is hatred violance and murder. The god they claim to represent, has the personalty trates that every every one else calls the devil.

  2. not exactly but the similarity are there Christianity has references to most religions because they trying to convert people from other religions but i am not speaking personal hate for Christianity just Christians if you read the bible and also here other religious works you defensibly see the similarity

  3. God works are not understandable to us. Hinduism needs a saint like Buddha and Judaism was waiting for the Messiah for their salvation. Both looks like same in some sense but they are different. There is not connection between them. Christ is the fulfillment of all religions, He changed the world order, love, grace, forgiveness, and sacrifice. Christ’s sacrifice is the final one and we no need to sacrifice any things else. Now no religion is sacrificing any animal in any nations. In some countries is the law not to sacrifice any animal. Buddha did not like to kill any living being. But he was not a sacrifice for all human beings. Christ gave answers to Buddha.

  4. wrong on many counts. first Jesus was fully man and yet fully God who is the one who gives the right to become children of God. Buddhism does not necessarily believe in gods but is solely the man working in his own effort to achieve enlightenment. Christians can not earn salvation their being moral or obedient to God is out of their love of God and He helps us do so, not our own effort at all.

  5. God first
    his word
    and life
    everything else is pseudo, a counterfeit if you will, of the truth;
    If you notice everything is a copy of the truth–
    good and evil at war and good wins

  6. Jasper,
    NOPE, not at all. Maybe some day you will have an opportunity to study it and find out on your own. Have a great week.

  7. I’m pretty suremost religions have a ‘heaven’, althought they just have different means of getting there. Buddhists also lack a place of eternal pain and suffering.

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