• Sure, I suppose both are equally far-fetched. But I have my reasons for believing in both astrology and gods, and don’t particularly care what anyone else thinks about it.
    To each their own. I keep my beliefs to myself, so it’s no one else’s business anyway.

  • Probably more so – to believe that simply because of the way celestial bodies often many light years away appeared in the sky to the naked eye at approximately the time of your birth influences the way your life will go is pure delusion.

  • Actually, Though I don’t believe in astrology I find it interesting and possibly something to it.

    Take all the children born in December they all may have like traits because of our habits in the winter months.

    Now take all the children born in June they would probably have different traits then the children born in December.

    Over 1000’s of years we might actually be able to build some kind of pattern for these children. Of course it has nothing to do with the stars but with our actions during certain seasons.

    There is no such history with God in fact he has changed constantly over the years.

  • Much of religion is based on astrology. The dieing and resurrection of jesus is in perfect harmony with the dieing and resurrection of the sun. Easter is determined by the moon. This end of the world BS people are talking about is nothing but the end of a astrological age.

  • Yes.
    The idea that planets exert effects on us has been debunked. Tides happen because the ocean is enormous. Small bodies of water such as bathtubs and small lakes are unaffected by tidal forces, and thus the same with people.

    It’s the *differential* distance between the far and near sides of the ocean that makes the difference. The Moon is fairly close. The relative differential distance for something as far away as Saturn is immeasurable.

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