Isn't astrology and burning candles and saying strange prayers frowned upon by God?

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A woman had brought evil spirits with her into her home. . and some chic advised her to say some strange prayer, burn candles, and use some ingrdiants. . Isnt that basically a form of witchcraft?? Isnt she basically welcoming more demons into her home???
Would a true christian recomend something like that?
I havent met any christians that light candles for the purpose of prayer. . . and I am not being judgemental I am asking a question. . .
It doesnt matter if they are being used for good or bad. . . white magic black magic its all a sin. . .and we all serve the same god. . And when you meet him face to face you will truly know. I will pray for you!
And really it isnt the same. . because christians pray to god. The only GOD who created this entire place, who created you and me. . .witches. . people who do voodoo . .do not pray to god because it says so in gods word he despised such things.

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Patricia C

I don’t think so. Christians light candles and say strange prayers.


LOL, I don’t know where to start with this other than saying you are very judgemental and superstitious.

Raith is teh Ghoast Kitteh

I second the opinion of the Mighty Ra.

"Wee" Joe Citizen

Tequila is an evil spirit…
I brought some home, but I had to pour it out because it made me sick.
Candles are good when you’re having sex!
My wife is a demon in the sack!
What was the question again?…


Taking all you’ve said at face value, I figure god would support whatever method worked.
On the other hand, christians burn candles, say strange prayers, and use incense. So what’s the difference?


One, we do not all follow your god.
Two, not following your god does *not* mean we’re all following demons.
Three, things like astrology and witchcraft are morally neutral; it’s the intent behind them that determines whether it’s being used for good or bad purposes. Neither of these things is inherently “evil,” nor do they have anything to do with demons.
Four, “true Christians” have been doing these things for hundreds of years. Ever hear of an exorcism? Or a house blessing? Just because witches also do similar rituals does not make this automatically witchcraft. What one calls a religious ceremony is another person’s witchcraft ritual. What actual witches do really isn’t all that different from the rites a priest performs if you really want to get down to basics.
Lastly, I do not believe in “demons” or “devils” as your religion would describe them anyways.

Rev. Sarah

It appears you belong to a sect of Christianity that does not accept these methods.
Roman Catholics use candles——–in thier churches and prayers and at home————-and have done so for 2000 or so years. The candle is the symbol of the light of God in the dark places, that shines and gives hope.
For me, I was raised Roman Catholic, and knew about all the astrology and the candles, and the novenas, and the rosary, and the Mass, and Benediction, meditation, contemplation, ceremonial, vestments, holy and consecrated vessels for the Eucharist, and incense,
And as a pagan, (or whatever I actually am) all these things follow me, and I use them to evoke the immanent presence of Deity, the upraising of my spirit to reach out toward that Deity.
So now you are no longer fully ignorant of my beliefs. All that I do is within the morality of the Roman Catholic Church. And most other religions, for that matter. The point is, you are saying that you know how I can structure my spiritual connection to Deity. You dont. Nor do I know how to tell you what to do when you pray.

Danse Macabre

It depends of which god we are talking about. Most gods don’t have a problem with it.
I’ll second the “judgemental and superstitious” remark too.
“Christianity” is merely a plagiarised abridged and adapted version of the myths and cultures that existed many thousands of years before your “christianity”.


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