Home Discussion Forum isn't aleister crowley to blame?

isn't aleister crowley to blame?

for scaring off the people who were getting over their fear of occultism from the middle ages and making magick a taboo again and preventing it to have a place in the 21st century…
how do people think so big of this sick minded schizophrenic guy… he just praises evilry by writing in a more scientific looking way than necessary, obviously forcing to.


  1. Him and Anton LaVey yeah. Now stop ranting. You’ll find I’m the only other person on here who will care

  2. To be thanked rather. People are getting over that fear, and look and the idiots fools and downright nitwits involved in the occult. It’s enough to make any decent Hermeticist tear out his beard in frustration

  3. Magic (Yeah, I reckon if you’re going to knock Crowley it seems odd to follow his spelling of the word ;P) has no place in the 21st century? News to me. And those that practise it.
    As for fear of occultism, meh .., I suspect most of the people who do fear it have no idea who Crowley even was. And people who do know are probably educated enough to make up their own minds. IMHO only of course.


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