Isis Magic and Ritual?

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I’m in search of good online resources of Isis magic and ritual. She’s always been my chosen Goddess, but I would like to delve deeper.
Blessed Be…..

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Puppy Zwolle

Isis on-line? Blasphemy.
Just kidding.
‘Good’ Isis rituals are not found in writing, you should know that sister. You learn them by witnessing them. In writing they seem to lose their intention. You could always ask her… I know I do.
Let me add to that to clarify. Isis is the Goddess of the hands on aproach. She walked among us to teach us. Don’t be clouded by writen stuff. Although it may show you what is possible magic it is not. Only by feeling, breathing magic you can become it. Like having a baby, no matter how much you read about it, being there when it happens, let alone having one yourself if very different. See my point?
Blessed be.


A search for Isis is a good start.
I suggest that you talk to her.
She is always right there for me.
You will find her in your heart,
better than online.
Try this the next time you pray to her..
Great Goddess
Glorious Isis
Mother of all things pure
Keeper of the true light


Try…not just good ritual, but lots of information on Isis that might inspire you to create wonderful rites.


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