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isant it a real insult to our great creator to belive in astrology?

deamons -mediums- wizards- and lack of true knowlege -dont you agree


  1. I look at astrology as a fun little thing to read and laugh about, bu t I don’t take it seriously. I would agree that the real practice of it would not be right.

  2. In answer to your main question, it would not necessarily be an insult to the Creator, to believe in astrology.
    Peace and Namaste!

  3. Daemons are unrelated to astrology. You’re thinking of demons, and they too have nothing to do with astrology.
    Anyway, Nostradamus didn’t think it was. I’ll take him at his word.

  4. Astrology is simply the belief that our fates are tied to the path of stars as determiined by the date of our birth. The star over Bethlehem was an astrological reference and the Wise Men followed it to Christ. So since there is astrology in the Bible, why would it be an insult to believe in it?

  5. it’s an insult to intelligence to dismiss demons, mediums, and wizards…but not dismiss an invisible sky fairy. what makes you the authority that demons aren’t real? can you PROVE that they aren’t real? the story of demons outdates the bible. since the measure of truth is how old something is, doesn’t this mean that demons have more credibility than the judeo-christian god? i bet if you surveyed the world, more than half the people would believe in demons, and that belief crosses all religions. since it is a common thread amongst many religions, it MUST be true.

  6. If he works in mysterious ways, and no one understands the grand scheme, then why would anyone feel insulted. In all likelihood, it is all destiny or it is all just one big crap-shoot, so do not worry about the insignificant details. I like various theories and beliefs, it is the facts and the truth that are sometimes illusive. Many things are possible. Be good and wing it.


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