Is Zen enlightenment compatible with an active intellectual lifestyle?

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I.E. could someone be a zen master and a scientist/doctor/businessperson at the same time?

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my friend

Yes. I know of several.


Enlightenment is not something confined to a selective few because that would imply an external selector who is doing the selecting for the individual.
There is no relationship between enlightenment and career.
A lawyer or scientist can attain enlightenment as readily as a housewife,toilet cleaner or a bus driver.
We are all enlightened beings..we simply have to remove the ignorance that covers it.


Why not? Just because you have no answers for anything does not mean you can’t be a person with answers. Zen is not about one hand clapping, it is all about one mind clapping.


look up Bernie Glassman. he’s a good example of a zen master and businessman.


yes, there’s no contradiction. You would be a conscious scientist, doctor or business person. One who was AWARE of themselves DOING this thing they do, to make a living.
I experienced satori when I was living in Phoenix. It was in November, 1973. I just WOKE UP! I was in my own way astonished. There’s no way to desribe this.
But I went on to have a life, a career. I tried to explain to people what I knew but it always sounds like I’m reading from a script or just regurgitating something I read in Alan Watts. Unless a person is able to SEE THIS, you cannot describe what can be known because it is just too OBVIOUS.


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