• yes, there’s no contradiction. You would be a conscious scientist, doctor or business person. One who was AWARE of themselves DOING this thing they do, to make a living.

    I experienced satori when I was living in Phoenix. It was in November, 1973. I just WOKE UP! I was in my own way astonished. There’s no way to desribe this.

    But I went on to have a life, a career. I tried to explain to people what I knew but it always sounds like I’m reading from a script or just regurgitating something I read in Alan Watts. Unless a person is able to SEE THIS, you cannot describe what can be known because it is just too OBVIOUS.

  • Why not? Just because you have no answers for anything does not mean you can’t be a person with answers. Zen is not about one hand clapping, it is all about one mind clapping.

  • Enlightenment is not something confined to a selective few because that would imply an external selector who is doing the selecting for the individual.
    There is no relationship between enlightenment and career.
    A lawyer or scientist can attain enlightenment as readily as a housewife,toilet cleaner or a bus driver.
    We are all enlightened beings..we simply have to remove the ignorance that covers it.

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