Home Discussion Forum Is your unconscious a separate reality from your consciousness?

Is your unconscious a separate reality from your consciousness?

When you’re sleeping, is it a different reality, but still a reality?


  1. Unconscious simply means you are no longer aware. Sleep is not necessarily being unconscious. Some people can wake up when you enter the room. Others can sleep through a war. It all depends on how deep we plunge into unawareness. It is not a separate reality, only a different state like water and ice.

  2. in that moment you are dreaming, the dream is reality while your body is the dream, for you are in that moment of your mind, almost trapped there, believing it as the real world. Reality can be wherever your mind actually is, it doesn’t have to be concrete and tangible, so unconscious can be a separate reality, because you can only be in one reality at once. Thus it is a reality, maybe just different then what your used to but it is still YOUR reality, you can’t just change it because your dreaming. It is still your mind and your life, just in a different mindset.
    But then again that’s just a theory

  3. Technically,it’d have to be a different reality,but also is reality,its like,pretend that your mind can reach the spirits,you’d think they would want to possess your body?They probably would.Your body is just organs and such,its no mind.Dreams are diffarent reality.some people can meet their friend from a dream a whole bunch of times.My brother,he can not only observe whats going on but sometimes,can
    actually remain conscious control things very unthinkingly,but still with will,if you can do that,that means its reality,if it happens in dream land its certainly gonna be in dream land.Lets say when you
    dream you end up in diffarent dream land everytime you fall asleep,like canida is at war but florda is totally oblivious to whats going on.get where im going?Its a reality,but doesnt mean its always the same.ANYWAY….good luck on it!

  4. Curious isn’t it, this process of analyzing, dividing everything up, ad infinitum? Where is the mind of the analyzer? What is the analyzer? This so called objective observer, must be a sub-category, a part, and each part observing a part, leaves nothing. Consciousness but a word in the mind of the dreamer.


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