Sunday, September 26, 2021

is your human form still active when you use astral projection?

its just i know that your in your astral body but i wonder if you still are active in your human body


  1. No actually your human body is frozen and you remotely control your astral body while looking through a LCD screen located in the back of your head. When your astral body has returned to it’s base then your LCD switches to your usual human visuals and you regain functionality.

  2. you never actually leave your body, astral projection is achieved in a couple different ways…
    Powerful psychoactive drugs like magic mushrooms or LSD
    Or such as after I hurt my foot pretty bad in an accident earlier in the week, my body being bombarded by its own natural drugs.

  3. Yes. Your human form is sent to Thailand for the duration of your astral projection in order to participate in an alternative form of astral projection.

  4. No, not active unless some demon comes along to indwell the body while you are gone. I’ve heard of that happening. The person in projection, then got blamed for all kinds of horrible things she didn’t do or know anything about after she got back in her body and people identified her.

  5. It is believed that you are attached by an ambilical cord. With a out of body experience you normally feel a ‘woosh’ as you exit your flesh.

  6. yes when one astral projects or obe their energy is tapping into the current of life that connects us to the universe. Although you’re feeling your energy leave your body and enter into this main current it doesn’t really leave your body because the main current of life is in everything so in other words you’re tapping into your higher psyche to achieve an AP. With that said since your energy is focused on being one with this universal life energy it could give the feel as if your body is inactive. The best way to achieve APs is to be in a semi conscious state so your body is partially shut down but not completely. My early experiences were like I am conscious but unable to move. Being in this paralyzing state helped me to gradually pull my energy out of my body and I began to see an image of me sitting up while I could look down and see my body still in it’s laying position. From there i eventually pulled my energy out and began to move first from room to room then after that I was able to explore past events in my life time, then i started connecting to other energy that was being fed into the mainstream current. From there i experienced all the goodies people talk about flying, past life regress, being a fly on the wall (sort to speak) etc….
    A good way for a beginner is to practice being a lucid dreamer and once you have control of your dreams you can make them work for you and pull yourself out for an obe experience.
    Some people become so good at it they reportedly tell others it’s like living 2 lives in 1 because they are always in a conscious state whether the body shuts down or not.
    one more thing the slightest bump, glitch, surge whatever you want to call it will send you back, after awhile you learn to avoid or not overload the energy but it’s always going to be frustrating especially at first.


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