Is your coming into the physical a descent or an ascent, is spirituality and sensuality the same or different?






In other words; are you as a human being the rise or fall of Cosmic Consciousness?
“Come, come, come
The springtime of Lovers has come,
That this dust bowl may become a garden;
For Love is a temple
And a place has been prepared for you
At the banquet of ecstatic lovers.
Where the stone becomes a ruby from the mine,
The body becomes wholly soul.
Feast on the Beloved…
Feast on Essence…
Feast on the Ecstasy of Love!
Come, come, come.
At our core we carry the flame of sacred love — the ecstatic communion
of the mystical and the erotic. When we embody and express this
essential truth, we consecrate our divine human nature — our sexuality
and spirituality, our passion and purpose, our intimate connection with
one another and with nature. Through this fusion we awaken our radiant
hearts and become filled with Sacred Love.
The Ecstatic Communion ritual rises from this essential truth.
Ecstatic Communion is an alchemical ritual, a mystical journey, a
sensuous sacrament and an exquisite opportunity to experience heaven on
earth in the body.”
BigA : A illusion? Perhaps you would like to feel the Zen stick. *WHACK*
Pangle : Carry on to what? How will the Spirit express itself next if not through communion?
Hasse : A gift or the expression of YAHOSHUA?
BigA : Well, the Zen stick doesn’t work on everyone. But why answer any questions at all if life is an illusion? Why eat, breathe, and talk? I’ve experienced the void where no-thing is and I know it must manifest, Spirit has desire.
Pangel : That’s a good middle of the road answer. It is nice to be nice.
Everyone : I don’t thumbs down.
“According to the highest and most secret teachings of Conqueror this our material body with all functions is something divine and there is no escape from it.”
-Lama Ngok
Milarepa Story
Saule : You say the Spirit doesn’t have desire. Hmmmm, In that case desire must not exist as we are all fruit of the Spirit. You see the error of your reasoning?


  1. It’s neither because it’s an illusion.
    However, in a linear sense it would be considered a descent.
    edit: Pains only purpose is to try to convince us of the reality of the physical. There is only one choice in “life”, illusion(physical) or reality (spirit).

  2. I wouldnt say either
    it is on my path , my spiritual goal
    to be in spirit , to live a physical life , to return to spirit and to carry on
    carry on our spiritual journey
    whether that is towards the God energy , or take more physical lifes
    but it is neither up nor down .. it just is
    just onwards

  3. It is a beginning. Through the physical, we can learn the spiritual, (if we choose to) and accept the life which is a gift of YAHOSHUA.

  4. How does a snowflake differ from the ocean? Is it more perfect? Ascended? So with us. All is one.
    At least them’s my silly thoughts on the subject. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  5. im coming to pass that i need to stop fighting every new change…so easy said than done but what else is there?

  6. The springtime of Lovers has come,
    that this dust bowl may become a garden;
    the proclamation of heaven has come,
    that the bird of the soul may rise in flight.
    The sea becomes full of pearls,
    the salt marsh becomes sweet as kauthar,
    the stone becomes a ruby from the mine,
    the body becomes wholly soul.
    Are we human beings having a spiritual experience,
    Or are we spiritual beings having a human experience?
    I would say as humans we the manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness

  7. Yes, I agree. Our coming into this physical world is a path of ascent. I think spirituality and sensuality can be both individually spectacular and complimentary.

  8. Everyone is here in this earthly realm to experience the ascensions of evolutionary self-expansion, we all naturally desire to reach the highest peak of our powerful creative potential. It is only when we choose not to understand our internal design, and how this correlates with the physical world, that this whole opportunity to exist can feel like a descent. In this state of descending perceptions we lose our connection to the pure beauty of creation and live an under-life view of ourselves.
    Everything is inherently unified through a tonality of oneness of all that is, nothing can be separated. We have managed to create many illusions of division through organising concepts thoughts and feelings into compartments of thinking relating to respective subjects. The concept of sensuality and spirituality are intrinsically compatible. Spirituality is merely a word that is simply used to communicate all that what we consider to be higher realms of thinking and feeling states. Bless You!

  9. It is a Descent so as to Ascend even further.
    Spirituality can be directed in a sensual way and vice verse
    PS – I’m broke and the debt collectors are chasing me!
    Will the Goddess save me in the physical realm?

  10. your question points to Tantrism to a large extent.
    Spirituality and sensuality are different, representing truth and beauty respectively, when separated, truth provides salvation, a sense of non-attachment to various desires of the physical world and beauty provides surrender to all sensual desires But when spirituality and sensuality undergo an union, they provide bliss, divine bliss. truth and beauty together deliver a union with the universal Spirit.In short,this union provides a controlled mind and body along with a liberated soul,which eventually merges with the divine(Spirit)
    The best example would be a Yogini (not a Dakini). Yoginis, manifestations of Shakti, celebrate the union of spirituality and sensuality, celebrate the union of Shakti and Shiva. celebrate the union of souls which merges into the Spirit.
    Hence my coming into the physical is nothing but an Ascent.
    But If this union of spirituality and sensuality, gives any sort of pleasure except for the bliss of merging into the divine and becoming One with it,my coming would lead to a descent.
    and there is one thing i would like to mention Spirit doesn’t have any desire, we(souls) have. The Universal Spirit absorbs us, All desires, All forms.

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