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Is Yoga teaching an acceptable way for a man to earn a living?


  1. Acceptable? Yes. Practical? That depends if you need to support more than just yourself. For most people who teach yoga it probably makes a better part-time avocation than a full-time occupation. Unless you can work as an instructor for an established business, establishing and running a successful full time business requires more than just knowing how to teach yoga.

  2. I was taught yoga by a man so i don’t believe your gender would restrict you in any way.
    My daughter went on to become a yoga teacher but she does it alongside another job as the pay she receives depends on how many pupils she gets and at times it is not enough to financially cover her costs and living expenses.

  3. No if it is spiritual. Most yogas are for temporary bodily health or mind, but the real yoga means to establish our lost connection with the supreme God.


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