Home Discussion Forum Is yoga really as stress relieving as the websites say?

Is yoga really as stress relieving as the websites say?

I have a lot of anxiety and was thinking of trying yoga.


  1. Absolutely! Yoga takes practice though. Don’t expect to be stress-free your first time, but it is well worth the practice. In time, you will be able to really relax plus give your body many, many other benefits! It’s helpful for sleeping better, it exercises your internal organs, it helps to detox your body, helps your posture, aids breathing and digestion … the list goes on and on. Try it!

  2. If you enjoy doing it, it really is. But if you prefer fast paced workouts then it might stress you out even more because you have to be quiet and calm lol. I have to alternate depending on my mood. It didn’t help my anxiety, but sure does help back pain.

  3. Yes, it is. I would absolutely recommend it. It’s fun, a bit challenging, and it makes you feel so relaxed afterwards.

  4. It can be.
    Yoga includes deep, full breathing, which can help calm and quiet the mind. Yoga also encourages one learn to focus on the moment, rather than fretting or feeling anxious about the past or future.
    Unlike many other forms of exercise, yoga also encourages you to accept where you are on a given day without judgment. So if you go to class today and you’re a bit tired or feeling less flexible than yesterday, you’re encouraged to do your best today, without worrying or comparing yourself to others.
    Many classes also end with a relaxation segment, which gives your mind a chance to slow down.
    Also, there are many forms of yoga. Some are gentler and quieter, which may be what you want, but if you prefer a more rigorous routine, ashtanga or hot yoga can give you a very challenging workout.
    The best way to find out if yoga really works is to try it out. Many libraries carry yoga cds or dvds, or try a free yoga podcast. Hope you find something that works for you!


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