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Is yoga hard for beginners, how is it good for you?

I just joined at the ymca in my neighborhood and they have yoga classes and I’m not sure if I should try it or not, please help me.


  • Yoga is as hard or as easy as you make it. This is the beauty of yoga. It is always perfect to where you are in your spiritual progress.

    If you are new then by all means try your best but don’t get discouraged if you cannot do all the poses perfectly. You can always visualize the posture while you are doing it. This will benefit you more as your mind cannot discern real from imagination.

    Also, 15 minutes of yoga every day is better than 2 hours once a week. This is because you are forming a new and healthy habit.

    The optimum is said to be 2,5 hours in the morning between 4am to 7am. This is said to be the Amrit Veyla and yoga done in this time will benefit your entire day 10 fold.

  • No, there are so many ways to make a posture easier and harder. If you are a beginner ask for the modified variations for your teacher. If she/he doesn’t know ask others. A few postures are not meant for some people due to the bone structures but in general everyone can do it.

  • Yoga is not hard for beginners. They’ll start you with the beginner’s version of the poses. You should definitely try it! I love yoga and it’s great for you. It helps reduce stress, strengthen certain muscles, and makes you more aware of your breathing. As a singer, that last was really helpful for me. Good breathing technique will also help you when involved in anything athletic.

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