Is yoga good for toning and losing weight or for stress? Any good websites on how to begin yoga?

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Just wondering exactly what yoga is good for and what are your experiences with it.

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nora d

I think yoga is good for toning and for stress. It really helps me relax when i’m feeling tense

pallela m

yes, yoga is good for stress. In that meditation is very helpful for stress, and there are some asanas will be helpful for losing weight . doing yoga keeps you fit physicaly and


There are many different styles of yoga practice– you can probably find one to suit almost any need. The more vigorous styles could be used for weight loss. Almost any type of asana (pose) practice will help with toning muscles and building strength. The style of yoga that I practice (usually termed classical hatha yoga) has helped me gain strength and flexibility and has helped me nearly eliminate chronic pain in my knees and hips. Most styles of yoga are excellent for dealing with stress; the goal of yoga is supposed to be to prepare you for meditation– thus it is an excellent stress reliever.
Personally, I would not recommend a website to start your yoga practice. Many studios offer a chance to come and try a class for free– that may be the best way to begin because it will offer the best and safest instruction. Videos may be good also if you’re feeling a little shy about going to a studio right away. I particularly like Patricia Walden’s Beginner’s video. It has a slow pace and she gives meticulous instructions about how to do each pose. Books and websites will not offer the opportunity to see someone else move in and out of the pose, so they may not be good resources to start with.
Good luck! Namaste!


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