Is yoga good for getting toned abs?






I wanna lose ten lbs and tone up for dance. Will yoga help me get toned abs and is it good for weight loss? Also how long will it take for me to see results?


  1. Yoga is great for overall body toning, but you’d do better to include some ab-specific exercises if you want to focus on that area.
    For weight loss, eat right and do some cardio exercise also for fat burning. Yoga will burn some calories, but nothing like good ol’ cardio exercise.
    How long will it take to see results? That depends on you…how many calories you consume a day versus how many you burn, and what exercises you do. You can lose up to 3 lbs/wk in a safe manner with good chance of keeping it off, if you keep up the eating right and exercising for good.

  2. Yoga is excellent for weight loss, especially in the gut and love handles
    Ive tried Yoga, along with the 2 step diet and it worked great for me. You can look for these free products at my blog or anywhere on the internet… 🙂
    Yoga works! because, the weight you lose never returns.

  3. yoga is good for your overall body.
    i highly recommend it.
    it’s also good mentally. it’s very calming and can help lower nerves and blood pressure.

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