Is Yoga good exercise for pregnant women?

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I’m trying to do a more relaxing exercise than swimming and walking.
If Yoga is good for pregnant women, if you could send me any positions that would be great, thanks!

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Bun in Oven

Great exercise. Wal-mart has great videos on yoga for pregnant women. Anywhere does really.

*11 Weeks #2!*



Yoga is great! It increases flexibility and it helps you to relax. here is a site with some poses and info.
Hope i helped 🙂


yoga in general is just an amazing workout its relaxing and youre actually getting a lot done efen though it may not feel like it hes a great source


yes it is a great exercise for pregnant women


yoga is best for your health
i said, yes you can do yoga
do your best
good luck!
(o) (o)

Pr3gNaNt WiT BaBii #2



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