Is Yoga Better Off For People Who Are Already Pretty Skinny?

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I’ve never taken it, but from what I’ve seen, it just looks like a bunch of stretching and what not… If a person wants to lose 10-15 lbs, should she be looking for something else other than a Yoga class?

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Yoga is good for a lot of reasons… teaches you how to breathe and stretch (things that help with your other workout routines), helps you to learn to meditate, and it does strengthen and tone your body. I would suggest that you do it in combination with another form of exercise as it does have many benefits.


Yoga is appropriate for everyone because it works on one component of fitness: flexibility. It also is great for relaxation (mind and body). Everyone needs to take care of the other two components of fitness: cardiovascular exercise (get your heart rate up) and muscle strengthening/conditioning.
If you want to lose weight then make sure you do more cardio and strength training. Add some yoga for a break and to improve your flexibility, protect yourself from injury, etc.
You should do a variety of exercises. You’ll get more from it and reduce risk of wear/tear. If you do the same movements again and again then you’ll be subjected to greater stress on certain parts of your body. You have more of a risk of injury as I understand it.


yoga is a way to relax for anyone, whether your overweight, underweight, or perfect for you! Most people who do it aren’t doing it aren’t doing it for exercise, but to relax because everyone loves to do that.
I dont like how you phrased your question though because yoga is good for anyone, not just for thin people! You should have said, “Is Yoga a bad way to lose weight?,” and then put in details about it after.

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If you want to lose weight, cardio exercise would be the way to go. Cardio is sweating, losing weight by hard exercise. Yoga is relaxing stretching that builds up the muscles. People will lose weight by yoga but you may also gain weight in the longterm because you’re building muscles.
Losing weight fast would be cardio exercise. But yoga is healthier for the body. If you want an example just look at Jennifer Aniston. She keeps fit by doing yoga and she’s been on numerous lists of ‘celebrities with hot bods’. She does yoga like three or four times a week, some of her yoga photos are just amazing.


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