Is Witch craft and magic spells and potions real. And is there a scientific explanation to prove it?

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I’m talking about real Witchcraft or Voodoo or Wicca magic or something along those lines. Is it real and if so how do you do it.

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It’s real to the practitioner… Does that count?


Only real in imaginative people’s heads.

Ethan R

My first thought is no. but the Bible does speak of Sorcerers and Diviners.


Yeah. Don’t you read National Geographic? They have witches/scientists in every field. Einstein used witchcraft to summon E=Mc^2.


Are they real, no.
Proof? Common sense.

W. C. Fields

Anything even remotely related to religion is real. You can get all this stuff to work by simply understanding this one valuable sentence: “Truth is what you get the other guy to believe!”

AGGY™ 3Rd ✗ Coming

only real, if your deluded to think that there real, but in reality its BS only for money and power

Steve R

Do you think if there were proof that it was real we would have it by now? Superstition and mysticism are things that ignorant and fearful people cling to because they don’t know any better. Open a book and put away your ouija board.

whomp a doodle doodle do

oh vodoo is quite really and so are dragons and goblins and dumbledorf….. you better not get a grant for this


Witches cast spells, although most say they only do so for positive purposes. They claim that they do not hex or curse, nor interfere with the will of another. Magic (many Witches say “magick”) is called “The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity to will”. In fact, many witches will tell you that magick and Christian-style prayer are really the same thing. Unlike Christian prayer, witchcraft rituals usually include the use of props (candles, incense, altar tools, herbs, etc.) and the request goes to whichever god or goddess the Witch worships, or more often to the “forces of nature” as a demand rather than a request. Witches also use divination, such as tarot cards and astrology, to determine likely outcomes of decisions, or to get in touch with their “inner selves” or their gods. The effectiveness of magic is dependent upon the use of demonic power and is condemned by the Bible. Before you get more involved in this I suggest you read ‘From Witchcraft to Christ’ by Doreen Irvine (




they use plants and potions. if i make a potion to remove your hair, if it works, theres a scientific explanation the ingredients work


Faith is what makes magic work. We are beings made of stardust. Is that not magic? How can you deny it? Magic is so common in this world it is seen as mundane. The Kingdom is all around you yet you do not see.

Uncle Bill

Human will
Harmonic atonement
Human sacrifice (means letting go of your self-awareness willfully)
Sincere observational relationship with that which is desired.
Recommended: Self-awareness of eternal sonship
…all else is play.
These practices created the sciences way back when…and science seldom looks back.


yes, magick is real (when used to describe potions, spells, and other religious workings it’s called magick to differentiate between that and stage performance) it involves channeling your energies and those around you, found in nature, for your express purposes

Crystal clear

I’m guessing you have no idea what real witchcraft is.
Vodoun is a religion that includes a magical practice which is not like what you see in the movie version of “voodoo”.
Wicca is a religion, not a magical practice.
I studied through books & real-life teachers for 3 years before even casting my first spell. I took advanced herbal classes so that I could make herbal teas and essential oil blends and such safely (these are the “potions” I make). I can’t summarize 15 years of study and practice into a few short instructional steps here – if you want to learn, do the work like the rest of us had to.
But for example – you know how some folks drink ginger ale when they’re sick? Why? Because ginger helps to relieve nausea. Do you know that the ingredient that makes aspirin work comes from the willow tree? Willow bark soup or tea would also help to relieve pain and reduce fever. Yes – there is science involved. Modern medicine has come a long way in engineering treatments for ailments, but it all started with folk medicine. For minor conditions, I prefer to continue to use natural remedies rather than pump my body full of engineered chemicals.


psychic here
Just like witch craft in the ancient times, healing with herbs caused many to be burned at the stake but now a days we know that there are many scientific validity to healing using herbs. kind of took the “magic” out of the unknown…. todays psychics and wicca are really suffering the same delima but I am sure the power of the mind will be better understood in the future.
I wrote a blog that is really a good example
hope i was able to help with your search for answers


There is no real scientific evidence to the power of majick as there is no real interest in the field to warrant a scientific examination of it. And regardless of rather or not science was able to prove that majick was real. There would still be those who chose not to believe. Faith is like politics. As long as there are people, there will be difference in belief. In Christ, in Paganism, or in a lack of either. And this diversity is a good thing as long as people dont use it as an excuse to persecute another. Which sadly still happens today.
Like anything else, people who like myself believe in majick and the uses of herbs and energy to effect change within our lives and the lives of others willing to accept our workings. Must study and learn how to affect these tools to successfully work majick.
And there are people who will condemn majick as evil. Majick, like any other practice is neither good nor evil. It is the practicioner and their intentions that determines either white or black majick. Neither electricity, fire, or water are good or evil. But while these sources make our lives easier and even sustain us. These same things can kill if used incorrectly or irresponsibily. And while Wicca preaches “Cause no Harm”. There are many pagan faith practices that dont follow this creed! So curses and hex’s are indeed a practice in some faiths. Don’t be fooled by others into believing this does not exist. But for the most part these practices are a last resort after other options have proven ineffective.
I hope this somehow helps you in your query.


Yes they are real….but you have to believe…if you dont…it will not work!
To see for yourself…you have to study, experiment, practice..
You create your own Magick…your spells…and find way to make them work for you…
that’s what i’m doing…and i have proof magick does work…!
You can read :Scott Cunningham’s books, the grren and the blue ones…it will help you answer your questions…Also try reading :The ultimate Book of Shadows for the new generation by :Silver Raven Wolf…very good books….they will help you answer your questions!


It’s real.
The real question now is…would you accept any proof if it were provided or would you dismiss it just as easily?


there is no real proof of witchcraft of voodoo


I know this thread is old, but I’m going to leave my ‘two cents’ anyway for whoever might stumble across it from this point on.
Magick is as real as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the trees, rocks, stars, moon, and everthing else that make up reality.
Let me give you something to think about (and you can read up on this, its called String Theory): Once upon a time the idea of there being other dimensions, or other ‘realities’ than our own, was nothing but a myth. Serious scientists who wanted to keep their careers and reputations intact didn’t speak of such a thing as being a real possibility because it was ‘known’ that there wasn’t such a thing; that anyone who believed such a thing was possible was ‘nuts’.
Scientists have now proven with ‘String Theory’, that the universe is actually 4-dimensional, not 3-dimensional as was thought, and that multiple realities do exist, they are simply outside our brains’ ability to ‘focus’ into. If you doubt me, look it up.
So many things that are, today, a fact instead of fiction were once in our history believed to be purely a myth. Some of it is explained by chemical reactions, some by math, and some by natural means. Some things are only proven with an equation, or with ‘circumstantial’ evidence. However, these things are ‘proven’ nonetheless.
So is magick real? Yep. Why, you ask? How do we know? Because those of us who DO believe in it, get results. Our mind’s ability to focus our intent (and therefore energy) towards a specific goal/outcome isn’t hindered by skepticism. And yes, Christian prayer is the Christian equivalent to focusing energy. Its absolutely no different.
To those who want to ‘demonize’ witchcraft and wicca, paganism, I say this: You can tout that your god is the only god all you like and try and convince us that its the ‘true’ religion, and you can even try and call witches and pagans ‘satan worshipers’. Someone above even said that witchcraft and paganism was all about money and power. (omg how utterly LAUGHABLE) Tell me something you holier-than-thou ‘christians’, What religion in the world has shed more blood in wars and persecution of people in the name of their ‘god’? What religion in this world has to write in their ‘bible’ that everyone must pay the church money or be in ‘sin’ if they don’t? What religious organization, in all the world, is the richest if not the Catholic church? Your own book says Jesus basically ‘led by example’ and that he loved everyone no matter what, and yet instead of preaching and loving everyone no matter what, and ‘leading by example’, you persecute everyone who does not embrace your faith? How many men and women were burned, tortured, or drowned for being accused of witchcraft again?
Please, Christians, do us all a favor and stop being hypocrites.


Very thoughtful of you! I totally agreed!

Mel Richards

Exactly! My own views resonated with your words. As a young child I made an apparition appear in my room, I made a number of things happen as I became a teenager and observed what seemed to an electrical disturbance in the house. Lights would simply turn on and off, the volume on the radio would change on its own when I was near it… However, I became afraid of it because I was in a dark place at the time. I am feeling the need to revisit this side of me and it makes me feel comfortable that there is some research out there proving that what I did was real and if used in a good way, can be rewarding and controllable. I really do believe its a few steps further than prayer!


Witchcraft is real. However, it is too much to imagine that a real witch will have power in their hand and move object around the room or cast a spell with magical words. Nope. A witch is a person who understands the magical solution from herbs and nature being. In rural area in Viet Nam, a person is called a witch, also doctor based on their superior experiences about how powerful the herb can be. There is a special herb in Viet Nam , a witch doctor used to cast many spell (i.e Love spells and Talking spell). However, a witch that used “ngai” herb later on will die young or suffer from mysterious death or consequences if he uses it for wrong purposes. That type of herb they have to grow to bond with the witch and feed that herb tree with meat and eggs. Herb is magic. My mom went to a market and after talking to a stranger and let the stranger touch her shoulder she took all her jewelry and gave it all to her and after she left 30 minutes, she “awoke” and had no idea what happened. people around her reported what she did and she was so afraid. LOve spell too. A man who was in love with a girl and they were about to have a nice wedding together. HIs ex wanted him to come back and she was also an herb doctor ( witch). She casted the spell using that powerful herb “ngai” and when she came to the wedding, she asked a man to leave and when he answered, no matter what his answered was ( obviously no), he lost his mind and left with her right at his wedding. He stayed in her house and never talked or met with his unfortunate bride for years, even family. One day his family came and begged her to let him home for few weeks. She let him go but she also said to him t come back after a certain time. As soon as he was home, he did not want to come back. Months later he died…..


Another story using ngai herb. A person who wanted to make their spell more powerful so they applied “ngai” herb. He was a successful person and made a lot of money based on magic result for customers. But if a person starts using that herb. He has to stick with it forever. That man decided he made enough money casting powerful spell, he stops using that herb and unrooted them, stopped feeding them chicken or fresh eggs. A week later, he died in his apartment, in his herb garden, without any reason…..Stories from my serious friend’s husband. His two friends are Vietnamese _American, travel to a rural place in Viet Nam. After Visiting a village only 1 day, their families have to search for them, finding them spending time two two girls for weeks and stayed in their home. None of them wanted to come back. And the girls are not speaking their language, no communication at all, but they were both madly in love with the girls that they forgot everything. However,the two men’s families suspected that they were casted by a spell using
“ngai” herb, they forced them to come back. A week later both of them jumped off the California bridge and died both, in different time, leaving no letters or anything…..


what does a nagi herb look like


What does the nagi herb look like

Vishwas tanwar

As a boy of 15, too much “mature” type things for me,but I would say pure magick(take note of spelling)is nothing but pure science. We make machines that may seem to be magic for our ansestors . the flow of energy is science which is the base of magick. I would recommend you-
Wikihow-how to be a wizard.
Plus how to be a which.
Small things effect our life which can be changed through magic. You only need intent.


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